Friday, November 9, 2007

Viva Vintage - Online Vintage Clothing Store
I had no idea there were so many ukay-ukay stores online! I went crazy last night browsing through dozens of multiply sites offering pre-owned designer bags, shoes, and my personal favorites, vintage-inspired clothing as in this online vintage store.

Ayan tuloy, my very own online garage sale is now in the works, especially to brighten up an otherwise dreary career. In the meantime, you must visit Viva Vintage. Their clothes are tasteful and reasonably priced. While I don't appreciate the stocks that they have now, I'll certainly keep on visiting their site to possibly buy me one of those lola dresses that I so looove.

The Case for Christ

Genre: Religion & Spirituality
Author:Lee Strobel
The Case for Christ is a very badly written book.

Its author, Lee Strobel, is a journalist turned lawyer who set out to prove the lie that is Christianity so he could reclaim his saved wife into the folds of disbelief. It actually took me a while to get hold of this book because it apparently sells fast and/or only a few copies of it are imported into the country at a time. So imagine my pain when, after exerting so much effort to locate it, I found in my hands 308 pages of uninspired paragraphs. Oh, the agony.

Really, I have seen college theses more skillfully written than The Case for Christ. Mr. Strobel just travelled North America, scheduled conversations with experts on Christianity, and then transcribed those conversations into a book. While cute narrations were placed in between transcriptions, The Case for Christ is actually just 80% quotations. The author contributes none of his own insights on the divinity, sanity and reality of Jesus Christ , and whatever statements he made in the book were parroted or paraphrased sentences from interviewed resource persons. I at least expected a few pages of inspiration. But you will again get none of that from Mr. Strobel, who seems to have decided to tell us what he was told and leave it at that.

And so, like I said, The Case for Christ is a very badly written book...that must nonetheless be read. It will at least get you started on asking questions you probably already thought about but, like me, were just to lazy to look up. Like, just how reliable is the Bible? Did Jesus Christ claim he is God? If so, could he have been crazy? Could Jesus have feigned his death and accordingly, his resurrection? And thoughts of a similar (or of a more excommunicable) nature.

If only to pique your desire to get to know God, I recommend reading The Case for Christ. I can lend you my copy, but you must promise to read it all throughout.

Try it.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Fantastic Four

It was an otherwise ordinary day for Pipo last Friday. He woke up early as he was accustomed to, and, after doing his usual "deed" in yesterday's newspaper, spent most of his morning watching Cartoon Network.

But last Friday (Nov.2) was also Pipo's 4th birthday. In celebration of four wonderful years of always having someone greet us at the door when we come home, we decided to take Pipo for a stroll in Tiendesitas. Pipo was apparently happy that he was able to get out of our apartment for once. Nevermind that I had to put him in a gym bag and cover his face with a towel so we can get past the security cameras in the lobby.

After our late lunch at a coffee shop in the SM Hypermart, we took Pipo to Chairo Pink - a pet grooming salon owned by our friend Michelle Pascua - for a visit. It turns out Ate Michelle was there, so Pipo the birthday d-o-g scored a free nail trim and a rockin' new outfit.

Pipo was having a blast peeing on every vertical thing we passed, including lamp posts, garbage bins, potted plants, legs of what seemed to be very expensive wooden tables and the like. But he became uncharacteristically quiet when we passed by this pet shop where all the other dogs seemed to not like him. In hindsight, maybe they were just jealous of Pipo's rockin' new outfit. (See Video)

Five hours later, Pipo looked like he had enough fun for the day. (He also looked dehydrated from all the peeing that he had been doing.) So we took the birthday boy home, where he spent the rest of the evening lounging around, perhaps contemplating the true meaning of life.

Happy Birthday dawg!
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