Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Favorite Things

One of the best things about Christmas is the gift-giving. We're all in such a festive mood that we don't mind taking out loans (aka using our credit cards) so we can make friends and family happy. I especially like unexpected gifts from people who are under no obligation to give me anything; and by obligation I mean only the kind that one assumes once a person picks out my name from a fishbowl for kris kringle.

Although I appreciate even a humble Christmas "hello" for a gift, I cannot help but like some gifts more than others. This Christmas, I especially like the following:

A puff-sleeved black dress that my sister gave me.

What is especially likeable about this dress is that it wasn't bought in a mall. My sister, who will not give me anything unless she is sure I will use it, actually showed this to me before she had it wrapped. She said she bought in a night bazaar for almost nothing, which makes it all the more special because it looks sosyal-in. Yikee. She got it also in white, but that one she'll have to sell to me, because my next birthday is still ten months away and well, she'd rather sell it to me than use it. Why, oh, why not?

A baby record book from our friend Grace.

This came with a card that said "To Pao and Gladi". We thought it was something innocent for the house, like a table runner or a shower curtain. But nooooh. It turned out to be a devious and scheming baby record book whose cuteness is designed to make possible parents like us temporarily forget about vaccinations, baby formula, diapers and college expenses. We'll use this next year maybe - next year being two days from today.

Super absorbent towels from space given by our friends Carlo and Carla.

Ever had one of those moments when you come across an object and you say to yourself: "This is way too cool. Why didn't I think of it first?". We had one of those moments with the Aquazorb. The packet says it absorbs 5x its weight in water on contact. These are just perfect for those trips where you're not sure if your "hotel" provides towels for guests or even when they do, you're sure you don't want to take the risk of using the "towels" the "hotel" gave you. Aquazorb gives you all that you need from a regular bath towel, while occupying less than 1/10 of a regular towel's luggage space. Way too cool.

Saturday, December 29, 2007

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