Thursday, May 29, 2008

An Important Public Service Announcement

There are a few things in life that I hold sacred. One of them is Pringles Sour Cream and Onion - the potato chip by which all other potato chips shall be judged. I bought my usual stash over the weekend, but what I got this time was the one that read "40g more". Nevermind that the can looked thinner than usual. Who can resist getting 40g more Pringles Sour Cream and Onion! For Free!

So there I was, about to pig my way into this Pringles can in one sitting when, lo and behold, this was what I saw. It turns out the ones that I got are made in Malaysia and are for distribution only "in the ASEAN Region". The chips are smaller and thinner, a quarter of the can contains nothing but air, and there's very little sour cream to begin with. These chips actually look like sad southeast asian cousins of the caucasian Pringles who couldn't get U.S. Visas so they had to stay in the Philippines. Huhu.

But enough of anything that bears any social or political relevance. The moral of my story really is - Beware of thin, oddly shaped "packages." I mean "packaging". You may only be disappointed in the end. 

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Money Talks

I spend most of my waking hours thinking about money.

I went straight to law school after graduating from college. Apart from the little earnings that I had as a ten year old tween pulling white hairs off my now bald father's head for P1 a strand, I have never earned a single cent doing anything productive. This is why, when my friends from college started earning their own pay checks and I was still in law school learning the difference between what is just and what is legal, I began asking myself "When am I ever going to start earning  money?"

I landed my first job working as an associate in a law firm shortly before passing the Bar, where I then asked "Am I earning enough money?". I began comparing notes with other lawyers, blockmates, senior lawyers, partners, bank tellers. I apparently measured my worth as a human being by the amount of money I received in my ATM.

I would want to come to a point when my only concern would be "Where would I put all of my money?" I actually often daydream about winning the lotto  even though I have never placed a bet. Occasionally, I would imagine getting off at the 2nd floor of our building where Citibank's Private Wealth Management Office is located, where I would then meet with persons whom I would hire precisely to handle my money for me.

I'm afraid, I've placed money too high up on my priorities list. Someday all my sentences would begin with "Hey...are you trying to steal my money?". Much to my disappointment, I know real people enslaved by money to this extent.

Of course money matters. The cashiers at SM Hypermart will not accept bartered malunggay leaves picked from my backyard in exchange for toilet paper and some cereal. But money isn't always required for the things that make me happy. I didn't pay Pao any money to wait for me until 10:00 tonight while I finish work at the office. I came home to Auntie Lilia's famous pancit puti on our dinner table without us having to pay for it. Pipo helps keep me warm at night because he likes sleeping near my feet. I never have to pay Pipo anything. I'd give him money, but he'll probably just eat it.

In the end, there must simply be room for things in my life that are greater than money. When I start doing things for reasons other than getting rich, "purpose" enters the picture and money usually, although not necessarily, follows as a matter of course. (Although I sincerely hope it follows as a matter of course soon. Soonest. Preferably on the 30th when my credit card bill becomes due for payment. *Snicker*)

Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Resurrection

Hello you guys! I'm back. It's been a while since I last blogged, owing to the lack of any groundbreaking event in my life. Mostly, I've been doing this (Photo courtesy of my officemate Cha). But in between, Pao and I have been busy working on getting a home loan and/or looking at purchasing a house. The time has just come to step up to the plate and start acquiring debts. What's the point of being an adult when you can't worry about money all the time? Some other projects include, baby-making and making a commitment to stay away from fried food for health reasons. I did eat sizzling balot at 2:00 a.m. this morning. Sizzling is not fried is it? 

What Happens in Vegas

Genre: Comedy
This is the sort of movie that you watch in the middle of the workweek when you just can't get yourself to do anything productive. Aside from the unassailable fact that Ashton Kutcher is sizzling sisig hot, I was pleasantly surprised that the movie didn't turn out quite like the chick flick I expected. It had humor along the lines of Knocked Up and Good Luck Chuck, which are really my kind of pointless live-for-the-moment flicks. And also, Ashton Kutcher is hot. Must not forget that.
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