Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Jose is My Hero

A t-shirt that I wore this weekend led to an interesting conversation between Pao and myself. There are few of these conversations in a couple's life, so interesting they're worthy of a blog. Kaya for posterity's sake...

Pao: (while alternately looking at me and my t-shirt) "Uy, pareho pa kayo ng hati ng buhok ni Rizal."
Gladi: "Well, great minds think alike."
Pao: "Think alike. Hindi naman LOOK alike."
Gladi: "Bakit? Nung tinanong si Rizal ng barbero niya kung saan niya gusto yung hati ng buhok niya, sabi niya sa kaliwa. Ako din, sabi ko sa kaliwa..."

As usual, this round goes to Team Nebab.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Super Savers Club

You know you’re getting older when you begin picking up habits from your parents that you once thought were embarrassing.

My mom, for instance, has the habit of squeezing toothpaste tubes before throwing them away. By “squeezing” I mean “wringing the life out of”. The trick is to use a butter knife to “shepherd” the remaining toothpaste towards the tube’s mouth, and then tightly rolling the  tip to pack the paste in some more. My mom also seldom bought toothpicks, ketchup, creamer and sugar from the grocery. Instead, she simply asked for extra condiments during her usual morning breakfast at Jollibee Quezon Ave., which she then brought home for our happy consumption.

These quirks made little sense to me while I was living on allowance. Really, why run the risk of being accosted by Jollibee security guards for a few packets of Coffeemate?

Fast forward ten years when I start working for a living and paying off, among others, electric, cable, phone, gas, water, househelp, and association bills. Although still childless, I now find myself using the same "technique" on toothpaste tubes like my life depended on it. (It's easy; It's all in the wrist.)

I have not gone to the extent of smuggling condiments from fastfood chains but I must confess to bringing home toilet paper and toiletries from hotels. Since Pao also brings a whole bunch of these every time he comes home, I believe we now have enough body lotions and bath gels to last us a trip to the moon.

After 27 years, I finally understand the reason behind my parents' penny pinching habits: Every centavo counts. When prices are this high, we all can’t squeeze the toothpaste tube enough.

* Shown here is my recent loot from Dumaguete - two sachets of Palmolive shampoo, a pack of Colgate and two mini bars of Safeguard. To the right are the conditioner and lotion that Pao brought home months ago from his hotel in Thailand. They're not Crabtree, but they're free! Yipee.

Monday, September 8, 2008

This blog's first Top Ten

My friend Jing emailed me this list of quotable quotes from UP Professors. In honor of my incurable nostalgia for all things UP and (sige na nga) the UP Centennial Celebration,I am reproducing my top ten favorite quotes below. Non-UP alumni may not be able to relate to most of these. Too bad for you. Fortunately, you can put up your own list when your school turns 100.

1. "Oo, nagpapaulan ako ng uno. Baket? Aanhin ko ba yun? Di naman ako yayaman dun." - Sir Atoy Navarro, Histo I

2."Oh, this is good. It's poetic because it's perfectly stupid." - Ricardo de Ungria

3. "Atheist ako, pero pag nasa bahay, nagro-rosary kami ng Nanay ko. Eh kung magalit sa kin yun." - Socio 11 Prof

4. "Pag nananaba ka sa oras ng exams, ibig sabihin di ka papasa."

5. "The more wisdom you obtain, the more you shut your mouth. This is because the more that you learn, the more you realize that there are even more things that you do not know. The true mark of an idiot is a loud mouth, the true mark of a wise man is humility." - Paraphrased galing kay PI100

6. Galing kay Sir U Eliserio during creative writing class...
"Try everything once except incest."

7. "I'm gay. So gay I could show you my penis because it is but an accessory to my body." - Jean Navera, SPCM1

8. First day of classes: "Kung may boyfriend o girlfriend kayo na hindi taga-UP, hiwalayan niyo na agad. Walang pupuntahan yan. Hindi kayo magkaka-intindihan. Tapos yung mga anak niyo, magiging bobo. Gusto niyo ba yun?"

But from another professor:"Hoy girls wag kayong kukuha ng boyfriend dito sa UP. Pare-parehas tayong mahirap dito. Kumuha kayo ng mayaman. 80% of the child's intelligence comes from the mother naman eh. Kayo guys, wag kayo kukuha ng bobong babae. Kahit matalino kayo, magiging bobo anak niyo."

9. "Kapatid ng sinungaling ang magnanakaw. Ergo, GMA's marriage to Mike Arroyo is null and void ab initio." - Consti Law class, 1st sem, AY 2005-06

and finally --

10. "Punyetissima!" (Sosyal, pati mura Italian.)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Call 1-800-PAO

I have come to the conclusion that Pao is the kryptonite of litigation. He is litigation’s downfall; the antidote, the Clorox, the Zonrox, the liquid Sosa to the bacteria-infested stain that is a civil/criminal suit.

I was scheduled to attend a trial on Monday in a town called Bindoy, which is about two hours away from Dumaguete. I had to fly in early last Friday to check court records and meet with witnesses. I figured, the period between Saturday noon and Monday morning, where I will have very little to do except work, will require some form of entertainment. So, I asked my handy-dandy husband to come with me. Pao flew in late Friday, considering that he too has a job and would have to see through the end of the workweek before becoming my official Guest Relations Officer.

Yesterday afternoon, after interviewing witnesses in the nearby town of Bais, I get a text message from the Clerk of Court saying that all hearings on Monday, including my case, will be cancelled. It appears that the Judge will not be able to report back to work after undergoing surgery. The civilian Gladi did backflips in ecstasy upon hearing this news, since this means she can go home early. The lawyer Gladi, who could have done something else that’s productive with the three days that she spent preparing for this trial, was hitting her head against the wall.

Anyway, some things in the justice system, like resettings and motions for extension/s, are unalterable. I decided to swallow this bitter pill and rebooked our flights for later today. While waiting, Pao & I attempted to roam around Dumaguete City. We took pictures of the church and the city's official seal, some trees along Rizal Boulevard and the tarpaulin of the “Bankaton” in front of our hotel/hospital. Unfortunately, there wasn’t anything spectacular outside our room except the heat. And of course, this picture of me and ex-PBB housemate Jason (I forget his surname, Sonza?) who is here in Dumaguete to host a show for Touch Mobile. I like him. He’s such an amiable, good-smelling fellow.

Going back. This is the third time that I asked Pao to accompany me to my out-of-town cases. The first was when we side-tripped to Siquijor and the second was when we side-tripped to Boracay. In all instances, my hearings got cancelled – either because of miscommunication or because someone got sick. It is clear, therefore, that Pao is the person to call if you want to avoid litigation. Coincidentally, Pao in lawyers’ speak, stands for “Public Attorney’s Office.”

Monday, September 1, 2008

Well Worth It

I am teary-eyed now that I think about it. I watched the Eraserheads play the anthems of my generation last night. There were the four of them – Ely, Raimund, Marcus and Buddy – on stage, once more. It was a sight I never thought was (again) possible.

The Eraserheads’ songs are the soundtracks of those brief years I spent in high school and the next eight that I spent in UP Diliman. ultraelectromagneticpop! was the only other cassette tape that I bought with my high school allowance, apart from Nirvana’s Nevermind. Even when I outgrew my angst-ridden pubescence, I still listened to Minsan, Spoliarium, Julie Tear Jerky, Huwag Mo ng Itanong, Overdrive … Each time, I felt a certain connection to the heartfelt words of the songs. They were forthright and uncomplicated, and written before Raimund began wearing eyeliner, and Ely began wearing aviator shades.

Six years after The Eraserheads disbanded, I wasn’t sure if I could again withstand having to sweat the equivalent of half of my body weight while listening to them play in what I reckon would be a largely testosterone-y crowd. I did this every weekend during my stay in UP, with Wolfgang and Razorback and The Dawn. I wasn't sure if I can do it again, seeing that I’ve grown into a pretty boring salaried person. This was why watching the Eraserheads Reunion Concert was a last-minute decision. Our friend Mike bought the tickets on Thursday. We paid for them after the concert, on our way home.

Short as it was, the Eraserheads Reunion Concert is the highlight of my year. I did not mind that I was squeezed from all sides by sweaty individuals. Truth be told, I was reeking myself. I also did not mind that several persons dared smoke while packed like sardines in the crowd. I did not mind that most of the people around me shouted/sang with the band, resulting in my occasional failure to listen to Ely sing himself. Heck, I also sang like it was the end of the world.

For an hour yesterday, we all forgot we were now engineers, private bankers, sales managers, doctors. We tuned out, shouted “Gusto mo ba-aaang suuu-mama?!” while The Eraserheads played Alapaap, and thanked the greatest Pinoy band ever in silence, for letting us recreate our most carefree moments.

Long live The Eraserheads.

(* Watch a video blog of the concert here.)

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