Sunday, May 31, 2009


Shockers of all shockers. It looks like Archie Andrews has finally chosen Veronica Lodge over Betty Cooper. In the 600th issue of the comic book (in U.S. newsstands September 2009), Archie's down on one knee proposing to Veronica while Betty looks on in tears.

Tsk, tsk. Poor girl. I always wanted Archie to end up with Betty. Everyone loves it when the underdog, best friend next door, scores the hero. So why is Archie proposing to the comic book equivalent of Paris Hilton? This has got to be a mistake. I object!

Home Alone

There's not much I can do on weekends nowadays. I used to go to malls together with the rest of the population. But I'm having serious fears about acquiring the flu, H1N1 or otherwise; I'd rather keep away from crowds until the baby turns 18 years old (at least).

I used to also spend weekends chatting with friends over a cold beer or two. But drinking's obviously out of the question now, plus there's the second-hand cigarette smoke in bars that I can't get exposed to.

I could watch a movie again. But, damn, those things cost a lot. If I had my MTRCB Deputy Card again I wouldn't care. But since I have to pay for movies now, I have a self-imposed limit of watching only two per week. Too bad I reached that limit yesterday. Besides, there aren't too many good movies showing anyway.

So as in the past two months, I'm staying at home on a Saturday, alternately writing and reading a book with trusty Pipo for company. I still look forward to weekends, because I get to sleep in and eat breakfast leisurely. But things are not the same. Maybe I should start a hobby? Pottery? Knitting? God forbid, cross-stitching? Hay.

Ikaw. How do you spend your weekends?

On the Brighter Side

Tuesday isn't a good day for me when my dad is not around. Pao and I usually just borrow his car on Tuesday coding days. But when he's out of town, we're forced to wake up before sunrise so we can both be at our offices before 7:00 p.m.

The problem with being at work that early is that I get tired of my cubicle too easily. I'm out of the office by 5:00 and will usually pass the time reading a book in the mall while waiting for Pao to pick me up.

This Tuesday, I forgot to bring a book (or I could just not have been in the mood to read a book, I don't know anymore). So I decided to watch what appeared to be the most lighthearted movie showing at the time.

Unfortunately, ten minutes of Accidental Husband made me realize that I've already watched it before.* No wonder the poster looked familiar! Nyiii. On the brighter side, at least I was still able to understand the story even when I came in 45 minutes late. Because, well, napanood ko na nga!

The movie ended less than an hour after I sat down. I was the only one left in the theater, which did not matter. On the brighter side, I figured I could just watch the parts that I missed during the next screening. Or at least that was the plan until a security guard who's name is Delta One, told me to leave already because my ticket was good only for a single screening. Oh.

Ang ending, I paid good money to watch half of a movie I already watched. Just my luck. On the brighter side, at least I got free airconditioning.

* The Accidental Husband was released April 2008 in the United States. So you all know how I watched it the first time - not very legal.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

The Anti-Chick Flick

I was forced to watch Terminator Salvation last night. Ugh. Pao got stuck in traffic after picking up volunteers from the airport, so instead of wandering aimlessly in the mall at the risk of buying something I didn't really need, I decided to just watch a movie for PhP161. Turns out, Terminator Salvation was the only movie showing that I haven't yet watched. Or at least the only one I could bear to shell out PhP161 for.

Even from the posters outside the theater, it was clear that Terminator Salvation was not something I'd enjoy watching. It had a lot of explosions, giant robot killing machines, guns and gore. The CGI would have been impressive ten years ago. But good animation ceased to be a factor for me, since I realized the technology could only get better following The Matrix.

The storyline was all over, I couldn't make heads or tails out of it. Christian Bale (John Connor) heads the Resistance, a revolutionary group hoping to end the war between machines and humans. John has to save a boy named Kyle Reese, who's supposed to be John's father, so he could send Kyle back to the past to protect John's mom, Sarah Connor.

To be fair, my confusion may all be because I haven't watched any of the Terminator movies. This rave review written by a fan of the Terminator trilogy seems to confirm this theory. The reviewer asks, "Wasn't it quite obvious from the outset that 'Salvation' was the first part of a new Terminator trilogy?" My answer to that is Hell- NO!

The time traveling bit was disjointed from the rest of the movie for a Terminator non-fan like me. Now that I know Salvation was a prequel, references to the Terminator sequels could have been made somewhere in the movie, at least for my information (and of those similarly situated as I am). But the director chose not to. So, without a cohesive plot to hold the thing together, it looked like the movie was just an extended, annoying attempt to save a boy named Kyle.

It doesn't even matter to me that Terminator Salvation starred Christian Bale and some other men with potential. First off, the other men did not even have the good sense to take their shirts off. Boo. As for Mr. Bale, I'm not that into men with lisps...

...much less a man with a lisp AND a horrible temper. (Warning: Explicit Language. Not for kids.)

Monday, May 25, 2009


Just before leaving for Europe yesterday, Dr. Vicki Belo issued a statement to the press about the scandals involving her boyfriend Dr. Hayden Kho. She said, let the scandals be a reminder to girls: (1) to be careful (which is fine, but here come the weirder bits...); (2) not to steal other women's boyfriends; and (3) not to go to a man's apartment if that man already has a girlfriend.

Well, well, well. That's right about the equivalent of saying to a woman who has been violated that she should not have gone out wearing a wearing mini skirt: "Ikaw naman kasi, binigyan mo ng motibo".  Of course Dr. Belo said these things while laughing with her inexpressive eyes, but they were equally tasteless nonetheless.

Katrina Halili may have gone to Dr. Kho's condominium riding the same wave length as Dr. Kho. She expected to have sexual relations with him and probably had fun doing it, we don't know. But these are all beside the point and are really none of our business, because Katrina and Dr. Kho were, up to a certain point, consenting adults.

Katrina's consent ended, however, when Dr. Kho started videotaping their tryst without her knowledge. This is where the offense comes in. The second offense, the one with the perpetrator yet to be identified, is when the video is distributed to the public, again without Katrina's knowledge and consent.

Neither of these offenses have anything to do with Katrina's reputation, or worse, this new angle about her possible drug-use. So let's all please stop attacking the victim and start enforcing our laws, i.e. Anti-Violence against Women and their Children...or addressing the lack of it, i.e. laws protecting privacy. 

On hindsight, Dr. Belo may have meant that Katrina only deserved the humiliation that she's now getting by way of Karma or the more universal, Newton's third law of motion: "For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction." But even this theory wouldn't make Dr. Belo's statement any less offensive. Surely, taking pleasure over another person's misfortune should at the very least, not be declared in public.  

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Super Sawsaw

We must have had enough of the Hayden Kho scandals by now, but an intriguing angle of the story remains. Namely, that one involving our beloved Senator Ramon "Bong" Revilla Jr.

The Senator has, all of a sudden, been very vocal about the issue. He's delivered a privilege speech in Congress about it, calling Dr. Kho a "sex maniac" and a "predator" - incidentally, harsh words that would have warranted a suit for slander, were it not for the immunity that the walls of the Senate provided.

The Senator also accompanied one of the victims to the NBI, where the latter filed a complaint against her former lover. He's had numerous media interviews on the topic. I dare say, if it weren't for Senator Revilla, the whole issue would had died a natural death in the DVD centrals of Quiapo. But no, he had to get in on the action. I wonder why.

I'm sure the Senator knows where his place is in the Government. He belongs to the Legislative, so his job is to make laws. He seems to have a general idea on what his job entails as this 10-point agenda in his website indicates. I was even surprised to learn that during the 14th Congress in 2008, Senator Bong Revilla ranked 5th of 24 senators in terms of the number of bills authored. Not bad for a first-time legislator,  although I assume nothing about the quality of his bills at this point. (That is another matter.)

I would be grateful, therefore, as a taxpaying citizen if the Senator would just leave the NBI and the pages of, and go back to the Senate where he can attend sessions, draft bills and generally do what the country is paying him for. He is free to comment on the scandals as he pleases, perhaps as a favor to a friend. But a brief media statement would suffice. After which, he should stop all the fame whoring and do his job.

And, while we're at it, I would also appreciate if he could act the part of an honorable Senator of the Republic of the Philippines. For future reference, issuing statements like, "Style nyo, bulok!" certainly do not cut it.

Not True

Like I said, I have not had any discomfort related to pregnancy so far, or at least none of those that I couldn't handle, i.e. nausea, aversion to food, extreme mood swings. My only complaint is that my skin has been breaking-out like I'm a teenager again.

This should not be a cause for medical concern, but it gets pretty annoying. Clothing-wise, I've resisted wearing dresses that show off my back because it's blotchy and peppered with rashes. Accck.

I'm sure this is all related to the unusual surge of hormones in my body, but I asked my doctor anyway. Surprisingly, she just brushed off my question with: "Ganyan talaga. 'Pag buntis, pumapangit."

I would have willingly believed her were it not for how these celebrities looked like while they were carrying a child (or two)...

                                                                    Heidi Klum

                                                                 Angelina Jolie

                                                          Daphne Osena-Paez

Except for the big baby bumps, these ladies look the same as they did before getting pregnant don't they? Hindi sila pumapangit. So why, why, must anyone suffer a different fate?!

Ah, mother was right once again. Sometimes, life can be unfair.

(Last photo from Daphne's blog. See here.)

Friday, May 22, 2009

Speaking of Robert Pattinson

Rob attended the amfAR Cinema Against AIDS Benefit in Cannes yesterday. Someone auctioned a kiss from him, and two parents, apparently out of their minds, bid 20,000 euros each to get the kiss for their daughters. That's about USD55,000 and (gasp) Php2.6M. I don't even have that many zeroes in all of my bank accounts combined!

But assuming I/you did, would you spend it all on a kiss?  Note that Robert Pattinson only auctioned off a kiss on the cheeks. It's not like he's agreed to marry the kids and be their man slave forever.

If this happened in some other event, I would have considered it a social sin to spend that much money to satiate some fleeting tween obsession. However, this amount was paid to amfAR, an international foundation dedicated to AIDS research since the 80s, which is definitely a good cause.

So if I was rich enough, had money to spare, and was at the benefit, I'd probably place a bid for that kiss on the cheek myself. It's a win-win proposition. I get a kiss, amFAR gets the donation and Robert Pattinson gets to meet the real love of his life. Teehee

Tween Moment

I'm too old to say this: But I've been drifting in and out of reality again since I got my hands on the fourth book in the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn.

I never got to read the first book Twilight.  I learned about the series only after watching the movie starring that irresistible mass of mysterious called Robert Pattinson. So unlike most fans, I was deprived of the benefit of imagination. I read books Two (New Moon), Three (Eclipse) and now Four with only Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart (occasionally replaced by myself) and Taylor Lautner in mind. How sad, but that's that.

I got so obsessed with the Twilight series that at one point, Pao remembers hearing me say in my sleep, "Wag ka masyado lalapit sa akin. Baka hindi ko mapigilan ang vampire nature ko," or something to that effect. Haha

See girls, who wouldn't want to be swept off her feet by an Edward Cullen? He knows Portuguese and a host of other languages. He will protect you at all costs. He drives really fast cars even though he can practically fly. He lives in a mansion. And he's able to read other people's minds, to entertain you for when you both get bored. Hay.

But why this belated blog? Well, I got as far as Eclipse without having to buy a single book. I just borrowed from friends. Unfortunately, while waiting for Breaking Dawn to come out of the pahiraman, my Twilight obsession, as in most of my other interests in life, eventually died down.

It was only two days ago when I decided to just buy Breaking Dawn to occupy my time while Pao is away. Now I've been losing sleep at night in my attempts to finish it before Pao gets back. I even bring the book to the office to read over lunch instead of chit-chatting with friends! It's a good thing I bought that book jacket some weeks back. Now everyone thinks I'm just reading a really intense book on the effects of network congestion on electricity prices. Asa.

(Official New Moon poster from Chico Garcia's blog. More New Moon posters here.)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Where? And why?

I never liked Charice Pempengco for the following reasons: (1) All her shouting just stresses me out; (2) Her voice reminds me of Jessa Zaragoza's and Jaya's - low and nasal, like it's coming from someone stuck inside a metal drum; (3) She previously sang only cover songs, which was entertaining but not creative; and (4) Because of one, two, and three, she is not, in my opinion, as talented as the media markets her. She got her break, that's all; and that break she owed hugely to the fact that she was born a Filipino from the "teenee island of the Philippines."

Think about it. Had Charice been British, given her singing style, would the world have taken notice? I doubt. The idea of a girl from a third world country in Southeast Asia, who could belt out Whitney Houston songs, was novel to Oprah and apparently, the rest of the world agreed with her.

Today, Charice sang her first original single ''Note to God". Friend and mentor David Foster, who has worked with such superstars as Celine Dion, Andrea Bocceli, Josh Groban and Madonna, produced Charice's first U.S. album, "My Inspiration" where "Note to God" is included among ten other tracks, half of which are again covers. Hay.

Charice sings "Note to God" in her usual singing style, with a lot of lung power going on, which is again, not my thing. Nonetheless, congratulations are due her for this feat. I hope she doesn't forget where she came from despite her success. Pay close attention to 8:00 onwards of the video below and you'll understand the legitimacy of my fears.

I have two questions for you Charice: Where did the accent come from? And why?

The Hills Are Alive

When Pao complains about his job, I remind him of days like today, when I'm stuck typing legal nothings in a gray prison cell (a.k.a cubicle), while he travels to places like these.

Mother was right. Sometimes, life can be unfair. Grrr.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Cooking Mama

It's not a good sign when Pao tells me he's in the mood to cook. "He" in this sentence really means "we," which in turn translates to "I (Pao) am in the mood to eat. Therefore, you (Gladi) should cook."

Pao will, of course, go through the motion of taking care of the preliminaries, i.e. will wash a fork to beat an egg with, or will bring out a packet of seasoning from the cabinet. Soon though, he will begin to torture me with incessant questions.

Where's the chicken? Where's the knife? How large should the chicken fillet be? Is this size okay? Is the oil hot enough now? How about now? Where's the garlic? How will I peel this? Am I cutting this right? Should I stir it more? Et-ce-tera. Et-ce-tera. Aaaccck.

Saturated, and tired of being made to explain every single step of the process, I will likely take over the cooking myself, to the fulfillment of Pao's evil plot. This has happened to us so many times before, I don't know why I even bother. In fact, it happened again last weekend.

Pao said "he" was "in the mood to cook" Tom Ka Gai or Thai Chicken and Coconut Milk. As always, Pao took care of the preliminaries. He bought out these essential Thai ingredients, the most important of which was the Tom Ka paste, given by our friend Carina.

Unfortunately, Pao's participation ended here. I did the rest of the cooking all by my lonesome self. My screams of protests notwithstanding, my Tom Ka Gai turned out okay. I personally had it for lunch and dinner yesterday. Whoopee.

I tried to take a photo of Pao playing with the iTouch while "we" cooked, but he refused to be subject of internal paparazzi. Even when he was eating what "we"cooked, he kept avoiding my professional point-and-shoot photography.

Anyways, this is bound to happen again in the future. As much as I would like to say that I'm my own person who will not cook for anyone unless compensated accordingly, I can't. I must get used to these kinds of pro bono work. After all, when the baby is all grown up and has moved out of our house to make a name for himself/herself in this vicious, cruel world, I would be happy if s/he took comfort in the thought of "mama's good old fashioned cooking," like I do now with my dad's kilawing kambing (among others).

How to Spot a Straight Man (Sign No. 1)

There are ways of spotting a straight man from a man who's dating you so he can pretend to be straight while he makes up his mind.

For example, I earned some extra income last week so I decided to buy myself this bracelet.

Pao was with me when I bought it. You know what he said? "Uy, pareho kayo ni Rampage."

This will be Sign No. 1 in our fool-proof straight man identification scheme: A man who likens a woman's gold jewelery with anything worn by an MMA/UFC/Pro-wrestling fighter must be straight.

Any motion to approve? Any objection? Hearing none, Sign No. 1 is carried.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ded Na Si Lolo

Genre: Comedy
In contrast to the alienation that Angels and Demons has brought me, I'd say Ded Na Si Lolo was pleasant, familiar ground. It's a movie about a five-sibling Filipino family, who are forced to deal with the death of their father through dramatic/comedic fainting and screaming, while working out their issues along the way.

As in most Filipino movies, this one could have been more polished. The scoring drowned out the dialogue on more than one occasion. The run time warranted some snipping, considering the simplicity of the storyline (The movie covers just a week in the life of the family, from their father's death to his internment). And strained references to "parlor gays" for cheap comedic relief were unnecessary.

There is, especially, that scene where Belly and Pekto of Nuts Entertainment fame clobber each other in a saklaan table at the funeral. I thought that was uncalled for. If the writer wanted to show the reality that most burols in Manila, particularly in the slums, featured nightly bloodshed, he could have competently shown it without the actors being gay. Why the players had to be parlor homosexuals was beyond me, because gays are not always loud, do not always get into cat fights, and do not always wear pink wigs.

Its flaws notwithstanding, I loved that the movie had a recurrent theme, which brought sophisticated coherence to it - those traditions that we Filipinos follow when somebody dies because well, sabi "nila" (without identifying any source in particular).

I also loved how Director/Writer Soxy Topacio was able to capture the many issues that strain relationships within Filipino families. Who in the Philippines doesn't belong to a family where one child becomes a favorite and gets to stay in the ancestral home? One child becomes rich but resentful? Another turns up gay? And illegitimate blood relatives show up when explanations from the dead become impossible?

But the true beauty of Ded na si Lolo is in the acting. It's not necessarily a "star"-studded movie, but the line-up consisted of REAL A++ artists. There is, in order of how believable their acting was, Gina Alajar, Roderick Paulate, Manilyn Reynes, Dick Israel and Elizabeth Oropesa. Special mention goes out to Gina Alajar, especially in that scene where she fights with Ate Elizabeth Oropesa, because that scene just rocks.

Last I checked, Ded na si Lolo is still showing in some SM Cinemas and in Robinsons Galleria. I strongly suggest you watch it. If producers earn enough money from this movie, they're bound to realize that the Filipino audience is, after all, intelligent. And then, Vhong Navarro movies would happily be a thing of the past. Whoopee.

Angels and Demons

Genre: Mystery & Suspense
I made the mistake of watching Angels and Demons in SM North. The audio was horrible (there were echoes in the theater!) I failed to understand most of the dialogue. This, compounded by the actors' thick Italian accents, forced me to whisper "Ano daw?" to Pao most of the time. Considering the circumstances, I assume he didn't enjoy the movie too.

Angels and Demons reintroduces us to The Da Vinci Code symbologist Robert Langdon. Following the sudden death of the Pope, Langdon is commissioned by the Vatican police to decipher threats that they appear to have been getting from what was believed to be an extinct secret society called the Illuminati.

The Illuminati has just stolen anti-matter from a team of physicists lead by former porn star Vittoria Vetra (Okay, I made up her former occupation. But her name does sound the part doesn't it?). They kidnap the four preferiti or primary candidates for the Office of the Pope and threaten to kill one every hour beginning at 8:00 p.m. The killings will culminate in the detonation of the stolen anti-matter, which has stored energy sufficient to blow up the entire Vatican City, enveloping it in a sea of light.

Langdon and Vetra thus go on a scavenger hunt throughout the many churches of Rome, finding clues from the works of 17th century Italian sculptor Gian Lorenzo Bernini (himself believed to be an Illuminati) to the legendary Church of the Illuminati, where Langdon theorizes the anti-matter should be.

I had absolutely no appreciation for the movie because I am not an artiste nor do I pretend to be one. Unlike the more popular works of art in The Da Vinci Code, Bernini's sculptures aren't as well-known to commoners like myself. Heck, prior to Angels and Demons, I had no idea who Bernini was. I have never been to Rome. I do not understand Italian. I would, therefore, not know if the movie's storyline bore some semblance to reality to at least stir up my curiosity.

On the other hand, even if I did appreciate Italian artwork, I still would not be able to say that I was interested in the movie. The plot is not something that would keep me awake at night, thinking of what could be, because it is absurd. It is nothing more than a case of follow the arrows, with the entire Vatican City relying solely on Langdon's being at the right place, looking at the right spot, in an oh so coincidental sort of way.

Also, (SPOILER ALERT) the ending isn't much of a surprise. I'm sure all who've watched the movie thought, "I knew it" when the credits were flashed.

Friday, May 15, 2009


So what's new with John Lloyd Cruz? Only this...

Reports say they've finished shooting this "intimate scene" in New York last week. The movie is due for release in September.

An internal debate is still going on in my head, on whether I should watch Lloydie's new movie out of loyalty. But this photo alone breaks my heart. I don't think I can handle any more. No one can.

(Photo courtesy of

Who Eez It?

Can you guess who the girl in this video is?

It's Sandara Park of Star Circle fame! Still not ringing a bell? See, before Kim Chiu, it was Sandara Park who sang these songs for our listening pleasure...

What a difference, jumping from singing a song titled "In or Out" to starring in what looks like a decent Korean MTV. I say it "looks" decent, because I have no clue what all the drama is all about. I found this version with English subtitles in it, but even the words don't match up to all the crying in the video.

I don't understand why Sandara dies in the end. Was she even sick in the first place? Is that why she's sorry? Why are we breaking all of these things? Sayang naman. Is the person with the glasses a man or a lesbian?

Anyway, way to go Sandara. It's always nice to hear when someone who starts her career in a small third-world country like the Philippines makes it big somewhere else. Well, except for Charisse Pempengco. That kid just creeps me out. I don't know. Hmmm.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Case of the Assumed Pregnancy

Okay. I am eight weeks along and still feeling generally fine. I have no unusual cravings for food. I don't have morning sickness/es. I'm not at all feeling depressed. As far as I know, my armpits are still the same color as they were before I became pregnant. (Too much information, teehee)

People tell me I should be thankful for having such a pleasant first trimester. I am. The fact that I've developed rashes all over, and that I often lose sleep at night because I can't seem to empty my bladder enough before going to bed, are nuisances that I can still handle.

However, I feel sorry for Pao because I think he is accordingly deprived of the experience of playing the role of expectant father. For example, since I don't have food cravings, I have never asked Pao to buy seedless grapes for me in the middle of the night like pregnant women do in the movies. Talagang kailangan ito!

So to make up for the lack of drama, I sometimes ask Pao to bring home random things, like a book I've been wanting to read, fruit shake, Jamaican Patties etc. Mostly I try to limit myself to things that can be bought at the mall, considering these aren't really legitimate cravings but just off-the-top-of-my-head-taking-advantage food/shopping orders.

I don't know if Pao has noticed. Well, maybe now that I've written about it, I'm sure word will get around about my pretensions. But I'm also sure that Pao won't stop scavenging for the items in my wish lists even if he knew that I was simply making them up. He's so excited about the baby to even care. I think, based on objective evidence below, that he's even the one having food cravings on my behalf.

                                   BEFORE : Friday's burger the size of a human head

                                    AFTER : What's left of the ketchup and a butter knife

I Found It!

I've been hoping I wouldn't have to wear maternity clothes until really late in my pregnancy because maternity wear is fugly. They are frilly and garterized, with unflattering prints consisting of cats and sunflowers. Like this offensive piece of clothing. Hala.

Fortunately, I stumbled upon Rouge Couture's New Maternity Line due to this feature in Kikay Exchange a few weeks back. I haven't really ordered any of their clothes yet, so I wouldn't know how well they're made. But their maternity clothes look work-ready and at the very least, non-losyang (I loooove Florence and Santino). I'm especially loving the wrap-around tops, because those can be worn even after the baby's born.

I must buy myself some Rouge Couture when my belly gets big enough for what I call the "baby belly provision." In the meantime, we can all check out Rouge Couture's other lines, i.e. architectural work wear, beach coverups and dresses, here. Their corporate collection also rocks.

Hard to Handle

Rumor has it that John Lloyd Cruz and long-time girlfriend Liz Uy have split up. I refuse to believe this rumor because it has neither been denied nor admitted by either party.

Liz has simply stated the obvious in this most recent media statement, "“He is in New York and I want to enjoy my time in Paris.” Meanwhile, "The actor’s handler declined to give any statement when reached for comment, according to the “The Buzz.”

What is wrong with this scenario? One thing, for sure. Are managers and PR people now called "handlers"? If so, then Hans Montenegro may have been legitimately confused about the "handling" bit. Labo. 

Monday, May 11, 2009


I am having the biggest crush on an NBA player for the very first time in my life. I like this fellow so much that I would even hazard to say, if we are given a son, in addition to him growing up to be like his dad, I would love if he grew up to be like Dwight Howard.

Because everyone loves a man who is passionate about his craft...

...yet does not take himself too seriously...

...and never forgets who's Boss.

In the 2007 Slam Dunk Contest, Dwight Howard slapped a sticker onto the backboard with his left hand before dunking the ball with his right. The sticker was of his smiling face, with a handwritten note that read: "All things through Christ Phil 4:13," which comes from Philippians 4:13: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

Isn't that just grand?! *Blush*

Aling Dionisia and Pacman: Together Forever

The most interesting thought was floated at church today: Without Aling Dionisia Pacquiao, there would not be any Manny Pacquiao. So true.

More than giving birth to Manny, however, Aling Dionisia must be credited for her admirable success in raising her kids (by herself!). She must have done something right in that department. Otherwise, Manny Pacquiao would not have been as hardworking and God-fearing as he is now.

All the money and fame could have gone to Manny's head. He could have been painfully arrogant, especially because he has all the right to be.

But Manny Pacquiao is far from being self-important. He's a bouncing,smiling, ball of fun. And we all have to thank Aling Dionisia for raising such an upright son.

Like Manny, we are, generally, products of our mothers' upbringing. I never thought I'd say this, but I'd be happy if someone told me I've grown up to be like my mother. Even with all our disagreements and differences of opinions on such mundane matters as "when it is appropriate to wear a daster" (in my opinion, never) when it comes to the more important issues of self-sacrifice, modesty, financial independence and good faith, my mom no doubt knows best.

So to Aling Dionisia and all the moms in the world, Happy Mother's Day! You deserve as many dance instructors as you can handle.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Protect Your Banana

I did go to Saizen after my veerrryy loooong lunch yesterday. At the very least, it's a good place to kill time in. I went to the store alone, and yet I spent a good hour or 45 minutes looking at a variety of knick knacks inside. I surprisingly exhibited extraordinary self-control. I only bought four things, all of which aren't event wants but needs.

Like this new cellphone case, which I need to replace my beat-up leather holder.

Or these furniture floor protectors, which we need since the last protectors we installed on our dining chairs date back to our place in Pasig a year ago. They're now legitimately worn-out.

I also got this block memo pad with fishes, which I need for random notes at the office. Nevermind that the company actually supplies us notepads and Post-its. Those supplies do not have fishes and green bubbles, which I need to cheer me up during office afternoons.

And finally I got these, desktop facial oil blotting paper. Nevermind that I already have these in my bag. Those are not desktop oil blotters. These ones sit on top of my desk, which I need for when I have to go to a meeting but don't have time to retouch.

Saizen can be fun. I suggest you pay the store a visit too. But be careful what you put in your shopping basket. All things cost Php85, but a lot of Php85s can add up. So when shopping, bear in mind that the Japanese can think of the darndest things, i.e. curiosities you'd like to buy just so you can blog about them. Like these banana carriers...

...which I didn't get by the way, even though I was extremely tempted to.

(Saizen is at the 3rd Floor, East Wing of the Robinsons Galleria in Ortigas)
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