Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Transformers: The Revenge of the Fallen

Genre: Action & Adventure
This is my recommended weekend movie of the month, for people of all shapes and sizes, irrespective of whether you are a fan of the Transformers or Megan Fox.

Sure, the story had some holes in it, like how a Decepticon can now assume the form of a hot blonde college girl, or where Megan Fox got her costume changes (in the middle of the Egyptian dessert). But who cares about the story and the minor continuity problems, when the fight scenes are this great. Really, the nerd-oks who drew the story boards for this movie and slept with their Hasbro action figures for such purpose, deserve a Nobel. Waaayyy to go, genuises.

Also, Shia LaBeouf deserves an award first for having such a rocking unique birth name, and second, for playing an excellent Sam Witwicky. Maybe he won't get one from the Academy, but perhaps from MTV.

But then, there's Megan Fox. Ah Megan. I have issues with her, but they have less to do with her acting than with her trying-hard copy-cat attempts at looking like the queen of bad-ass, Angelina Jolie. In this movie, her new lips are so oily, I'm wondering whether she ate too much lechon. (Refer to before and after pictures above) Blotting paper, Megan?

My bias against Megan Fox notwithstanding, Transformers II will still be one of those movies that I will force our children to watch when they turn 15. It's worth sitting through 2 1/2 hours of explosions, if only to hear Sam Witwicky say: "Optimuuuuuuuuusssssssss!!!!"

Again again again

What a lousy beginning to a new week. We were sideswiped by a very careless driver this morning. Since we were not in the mood to go to a police station on a Monday, we ended up just taking what the driver had (P500!) as settlement. When I got to the office, I realized I left my lunch in the car, which means in addition to shelling out money for car repairs, I also had to spend for today's lunch. Boo.

I have recovered a little, at least after four hours of internally fuming over it. I realize it's not something I can undo, so might as well let go and start fresh.

Which brings me to this inspiring video shown at church yesterday. My eyes "perspired" when I first saw this, and they continue to "perspire" everytime I watch it. It's nice to go back to this video every now and then, to brighten up an otherwise awful day.

As a backgrounder, Dick and Rick Hoyt are a father and son team. They run marathons and triathlons together. That, by itself, would be an amazing feat. But what makes Team Hoyt more amazing is the fact that Rick is a paraplegic, and Dick had to learn how to run competitively, bike and swim to join the competitions with his son. In triathlons, Dick pulls rick through an inflatable boat tied to his waist. Here, watch...


Are your eyes "perspiring" now? It's amazing what a dad can do for his child, right? Read more about Team Hoyt through their website

Have a nice week ahead, friends and countrymen!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

* Burp *

I've been advised to eat in moderation; but I don't know if this is even possible, considering that I am hungry all the time. There's also the problem of not knowing when to stop. I feel super-mega-di-duper full after meals, because I eat until I'm about to burst.

Yesterday, my daily dose of potassium consisted of one banana cut into half. It came with three scoops of ice cream, whipped cream, ground nuts, strawberry syrup and a cherry on top.




I may need therapy. Aaacck.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hey, Michael

There are reports that Michael Jackson passed away Thursday afternoon at the age of 50. Reps for Michael Jackson or the Jackson family are yet to confirm the reports, but we all may read about it here and here.

Michael Jackson's death comes as a shock. I was still hoping he could someday pick himself up from the rut he's been in since he was acquitted of child molestation in 2005.

A huge comeback was actually in the works. He has been practicing and hiring dancers for his 50 concerts in London, which were scheduled to begin barely a month from now. 

His recent antics aside, including his surgical transformation from being black to white, I hope Michael Jackson will be most remembered for his music. He broke down racial barriers in MTV. Millions of albums and thousands of other artists later, his album Thriller remains the biggest-selling album of all time.

So say what you will, world, but Michael Jackson was and always will be the one true King of Pop.

San Juan-er, Kamias-er, Kamuning-er

One of the things I love about San Juan is that it feels like a province, even when we're literally in the center of Metro Manila. At any day of the week, I can go to Quezo City (North), Makati (South), Pasig (East) or Manila (West) in about the same amount of time.  

I don't know about the folks in Greenhills, but us San Juan Sagigilid residents know each other well. Our baranggay, for one, is so small, I practically grew up with most of the tricycle drivers here. Well, I may not remember their names but we know each other. Just like in the province, they somestimes call me 'Achurney' or by my childhood nickname B _ _ _ _ _ _ g.

I'm feeling nostalgic about my home city because it was our fiesta yesterday. I took a picture of the celebrations for you on our way to work. Wheee.

On fiesta day, we splash/baptize each other with clean water or otherwise, in honor of the city's patron saint, St. John the Baptist. San Juan-ers won't really care if you're on your way to work, dressed for the prom or just on your way to the grocery. Your social circusmtances notwithstanding, you will get wet; and part of the fun is (attempting to) water-proof yourself! Whee. 

Y tu, is your neighborhood as fun as ours?

Thursday, June 25, 2009


Here it is. In celebration of "Burjer Day," we went to...

Taran! The Brother's Burger outlet along Meralco Avenue. True enough, there weren't that much people inside. Just us four, see.

Unfortunately, we still weren't able to get our fill of burgers at 1999 prices. Turns out they had so many orders yesterday that we'd have to wait THREE HOURS before getting served. Sure they gave us the option of  paying for our burgers, going somewhere else, and then coming back after THREE HOURS to actually eat our burgers. But THREE HOURS just won't do.

So we ended up driving-through Burger King instead.

We ordered their Steakhouse Burger, which is great, but isn't quite the same as good ol' Brother's.

Olats. Maybe next year, IF this promotion happens again, which I doubt by the way.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Burjer Day

I had the biggest craving for a burger the other day. I was particularly craving for one from the Bite Club, a burger joint in Katipunan that Pao and I used to go to in college. Back in the day, P145 was waaaayyy too much to spend for a burger. So we waited for special occasions, i.e. monthsaries, birthdays, Valentine's days (Yikee), before treating ourselves to a Bombarella - a 1/3 lb. burger stuffed with mozarella.




I may have just evolved, but it seems Bite Club isn't as great anymore.

First, parking's limited. Pao had to wait 20 minutes along Katipunan Avenue (not very safe,  by the way) before finding a parking space.

Second, the place is stuffy because the grill is indoors. I was fine with this at first because I loved the smoky smell of burgers grilling, but it soon became annoying. Even the 2nd floor has no exhaust.

Third, it took forever for our orders to arrive. I understand they grill as you order and also appreciate this word of warning at the foot of their stairs, but 30 minutes is just too long a wait.

After ten years, my Kevin Bacon (1/3 lb. gourmet burger with bacon bits) and Pao's Bombarella with Buffy! (cream cheese with roasted garlic) finally arrived.

The verdict: Okay lang. There wasn't an explosion of flavors in my mouth like I imagined. The patty was juicy and large (width-wise) but thin and airy, so I didn't get that packed grilled meat flavor when I bit into it. 

In an attempt to deal with our disappointment, Pao and I discussed the merits of Manila's burgers throughout our meal. We came to the conclusion that the best burgers in town are, hands down, those from Brother's Burgers.

As luck would have it, Brother's Burgers is selling its burgers today at 1999 prices in celebration of its 10th anniversary. This means that the Burger Pounder will sell for only P135 (now P250) while the Brother's Burger will sell for only P88! Whoopee! Kapresyo lang ng Champ sa Jollibee!

Offer is available between 10AM to 10 PM but I hear they run out of burgers fast. So go! I already have a Brother's Burger in mind that will not be as crowded as the others. Where is that? Secret.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Egg Lovin'

I'm beginning to feel a little guilty when I wear pants that are tight on the waist now, even though I am far from looking like a sausage. I just think the baby needs some personal space. Plus I get the occasional weird stares when I'm wearing jeans. Given that, yes, my regular jeans are pretty slim fitting.

So even though I still look like I've only had too much to eat for lunch, I decided to already buy myself my first set of maternity clothing today. Destination: EGG.

It's true what they say, one man's loss is another man's gain. EGG maternity, a company based in New Zealand, is closing all of its stores in the Philippines. The importers probably realized their clothes are way overpriced for a third world country like ours. Kaya ayan, all remaining stocks are now at 50% to 70% off. Piesta kabayan.

I don't know if local maternity stores also have this, but what I love about EGG is their fake belly. You strap it on like this, see, so you get an idea how your clothes will look like when you're farther down your pregnancy. Hihi

I got two of these in black for work, so I'd have a back-up for when the main one is in the laundry.

Regular Price: PhP3000
Now: PhP1500 (50% off)


I got one of these too in "sand," which is just a fancy term for brown. This one will do double duty for weekends and work.

                                                               Regular Price: PhP3000
                                                               Now: PhP900 (70% off)

And then I got one of these bootleg jeans. I'm loving how this fits me now, although I'm not sure if this can take me through the entire 9 months. It's already snug around my hips, which I assume will eventually reach out-of-this-world proportions. Maybe I should get as much mileage out of these while I can. I could wear them to bed. Hmmm.

                                                                        Regular Price: PhP3300
                                                                        Now: PhP990 (70% off)

By the way, EGG gave us this shirt (for free) for shopping on a Father's Day. Ayos.


Tops, maternity underwear and swimwear are also all on sale, with prices ranging from PhP300 to PhP800.

EGG is in Robinsons Galleria. They used to have an outlet in Glorietta but I haven't seen that since. Maybe the one in Galleria is the only store remaining in the Philippines. Even if, going there sure beats having to order online and paying extra for shipping. So check them out why don't cha. Wag niyo lang ubusin ha, kasi bibili pa akong t-shirt. Toodles.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bulalo Time

Congratulations, working population! It looks like we survived another workweek. It's too bad we have less than 24 hours 'til workday Monday, but let's not think about it. In the meantime, let's enjoy these sunny weekend mornings with family, cholesterol and sugar, as always.

Ah. There's nothing like steaming bulalo soup on a warm Saturday afternoon to exercise our heart muscles and maintain general emotional well-being.

We forgot to pre-order from Estrel's. But as luck would have it, they had extra Happy Father's day caramel cakes. Whoopee! Since it was Pao's birthday last week, we had them write down "Happy Birthday" on the cake too. Buti na lang nagkasya. Double whoopee!

It was also Gelo's (Pao's cousin) birthday. Unfortunately, he couldn't make it yesterday. So this seat is reserved for him (Feel free to insert Gelo here).

Time to say goodbye to the bulalo. Goodbye bulalo! A piece of you will stay with us and our arteries forever...

Enjoy the rest of the weekend everyone!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Looking Forward To Better Days

It's official. John Lloyd Cruz and Liz Uy have broken up. My favorite showbiz/fashion blogger chuvaness, has confirmed it herself. Although her only basis for this conclusion is the fact that Lloydie isn't looking his usual stylish self lately. Chuvaness theorizes this is due to the loss of the Liz factor in his life. Hmmm. Let's see...

Weight gain? Check. Oily Jose Rizal hair? Check. Uninspired golf shirt? Check. It does look like we're having trouble here.

On the other hand, maybe we should cut Lloydie some slack. He has, after all, only returned from a month-long trip/project in New York. Alam naman nating lahat na ang nagpupuntang Amerika ay tumataba. Probably because the streets are lined with butter and chocolate there. 

Eeek. Are those man-tits we see?! I'm wishing Lloydie will get back to his best in no time. All he needs are new threads and a new fitness regime, for which he will require a new adviser. Hopefully Ruffa will do.  

Pregnancy Journal 3.1

I keep track of my pregnancy using this spanking application from the Apple iStore. What you do is punch in your expected date of delivery (EDD), which is a date your friendly neighborhood OB Gyne will tell you when you visit, and viola!

The Pregnancy Tracker tells you how many weeks you and your husband would still have to endure the wrath of The Hormones before seeing your child. It also has information on how the baby's developing, in addition to some nutrition tips telling you to take in more calcuim or more vitamin C depending on your baby's gestational age.

Today, the baby is 14 weeks and 1 day. S/he is the size of a lemon.

Here's what I look like now with a "lemon" in my uterus. Nothing new, no?

I'm feeling generally fine. I get a little sad sometimes because I'm deprived of the two things I love most in life - coffee and sugar. I've successfully steered away from coffee for the last two months. Interestingly, the place coffee used to occupy in my heart has been replaced by milk and pineapple juice. But sugar! Oh sweet sweet sugar...

...my friend Babyface has this to say to you, on my behalf...

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Next Year

Let's not talk about it, at least not too much. We all know Orlando lost the Championship to the Lakers in Game 5 of the NBA Finals.

I'm sorry Dwight, I wasn't able to watch your game. When I woke up that morning, although I hoped for a Game 6 at least, I felt that it was bound to happen. I couldn't bear to watch you lose again. In fact, despite having had several opportunities to watch the reruns, I still can't stand seeing you sad.*

Nevermind. At least now you have your own puppet, just like Kobe (left) and James (right). 

In the meantime, seeing that we're all mature adults here, someone give puppet Kobe some more party poppers. Celebrate!

(* DH photo taken when Orlando lost to the Detroit Pistons last year. Read about it here.)

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