Friday, July 31, 2009

I can't

As promised, I travelled to the far away kingdom of SM Megamall to go to the Swatch store nearest my place of work. I sneaked pass Pao, rode the FX, walked from Building A to Building B, and questioned about 3 security guards before finally arriving at the place where they keep holy grail...

I could stare at this window display all day. (Sigh)

Unfortunately, it took me just minutes of looking around the store to realize that these watches are dang crappy. They're fitted with cheap plastic straps and have quartz movements from nowhereland. Nyachacha. Even my high school self would not be caught dead wearing these.

I thought that Swatch watches sold for about P10,000 ++. I learned on my trip that some go for as low as P3,800++. Even when I buy myself one at the latter price, I swear that thing will never see the light of day on my wrist. So it all boils down to this question: Am I willing to "donate" P3,800++ of my heard-earned money to further John Lloyd Cruz' endorsement prowess?

After serious deliberation, I realize, I can't. Sorry, Lloydie. May hangganan ang pag-ibig, at ito na yun. Haha

Apple and Oranges

Hey world! I'm baacck! I'm feeling okay now, thanks to drugs (prescribed by our OB Gyne of course) and a lot of help from these guys...

Of these two, I ate the fellow on the right first because he looked paranoid. He's just so sad and pathetic; I wanted to put him out of his misery, as a favor. Hmmm. I wonder if death feels the same way about people who are so afraid of not being alive anymore.

Lesson Learned: Be happy. If you're feeling crappy, fake happiness anyway. Based on the foregoing scientific experiment, these are habits that are guaranteed to ward off death and hence, make us all live longer. Ayos.

Monday, July 27, 2009

It's Different Now

Gone are the days when I would force myself to work, even when I'm practically dying out of a terrible cold or nursing a fever. I called in sick today because well, I am. I feel terrible. I've been waking up sporadically since last night because my nose is stuffy. My head was killing me when I woke up this morning. And then, there's my cough. Aggh.

I did have several things lined up today. But the rule is, we musn't come to the office when we're sick at the risk of spreading viruses. (I may have actually caught this bug from someone at work. Boo.) It's a good thing, my rest day is now a mere text away.

We will be going to the doctor's this afternoon to get myself checked. Under ordinary circumstances, I could just take a couple of pills and sleep myself to wellness. But these are not ordinary circumstances. Active measures must be taken to get belly and the baby in tip-top shape. 'Til later. 


Went to the 25th anniversary celebration of Victory last Friday at the Araneta Coliseum. Eet waz fun! There were performances by the Cardio Boys, who are now part of the church...

You may recognize them from their guesting at Sharon Cuneta's talk show some months ago...

There were also appearances from more famous personalities like Barbie Almalbis and Papa Piolo Pascual...

They gave away cheering sticks. Whoopee.

We went with Pao's friend Daniel, who bears a striking resemblance to Christian Bautista. Naks. Isdatchu, Christian?

I had fun singing with everyone...

...but soon grew tired. Must sit down now.

This is Pao's best impersonation of me...

Victory's the church that Pao and I have been attending for five years now. While gallivanting in Greenhills five years ago, we saw a streamer at the Music Museum about church services ongoing. We went in and we've been part of Victory since.

If you're curious, here's how Victory began 25 years ago...

It now has more than 50,000 church members nationwide...

More information from our website here.

Happy Birthday Victory! To infinity and beyond! Yey.


The new helper finally arrived last night. Yes! Now, I can spend my Sunday morning watching TMZ with Pipo, instead of washing dishes like I did the last two weeks.

Helpers are a blessing, really. It's too bad we take them for granted and only realize how much more convenient our lives have become because of them when they're gone. I learned my lesson. Next time, I'm picking up my towel and putting it in the bathroom, where it's supposed to be found. It's soooo difficult to keep house. Whew.

* Thanks to Mitch and Yaya, by the way, for introducing us to our new helper, Luzviminda a.k.a. "Bulak."  We're hoping she sticks around long enough to welcome the new baby. Yes!

Saturday, July 25, 2009


Can I just say? Whoever pitched John Lloyd Cruz to be the next Swatch endorser should get a pay rise, a promotion and a free vacation somewhere expensive. This is an excellent idea! And it's not just me. I've seen online forums (or fora? haha) where people are dashing like mad to the nearest Swatch stores because of Lloydie. Who can blame us? Look at him!

Gad, whatever he's selling, I'm buying! Bring out ye credit cards! Sugoooooohd!

From a Frustrated Homemaker

I cleaned out my closet over the weekend and got rid of the clothes I haven't worn in six months. Some we'll put up for sale. Some, like these office tops in last last last season's color, pink, we'll give to the folks in Claveria. I also set aside those clothes that won't fit me again until after I give birth. Folded the bikinis, of course. We'll only be certain if I can ever wear those again a year from now (fingers-crossed).

Four hours later, the huge closet space/s that I used to occupy has been reduced to just half of a closet. Now Pao has space for his clothes too, which just used to hang in a clothesline in our bathroom upstairs. I don't know if I can live with just a few clothes in circulation. But I'll try, in hopes that my figure now is only temporary.

You can tell, I'm beginning to nest. If I had my way, I'd turn our house upside down and shake it like crazy, so I can get rid of all the unnecessaries in there. It's such a small space, but it's so cramped. My parents are such pack rats. There are empty Gatorade bottles in the kitchen. My mom's work clothes from the 80s are still in her wooden chest. And there are filthy mattresses in the helper's room (which used to be my room, until it was taken over by knick-knacks/trash).

It's so frustrating. Everytime I try to throw away things, my mom requires that I set them aside until she finds the time to go over them first. She never does. So now there are garbage bags upon garbage bags of old clothes still stocked in the house. Gad. We HAVE GOT to get ourselves our own place.

Otherwise, I may just go mad - meaning the angry and the crazy kind! Rawr!(Foaming in the mouth)

Friday, July 24, 2009

And the new Swatch endorser is...

Before you think we at theclosetoptimist (naks) are no longer interested in John Lloyd Cruz (eeek, pangalan pa lang, kinikilig na ako!) of course we know he's the new Swatch endorser. Of course, we also know that at the launch, where they were giving away free Swatch watches, Lloydie picked out Liz Uy's number out of hundreds and hundreds of attendees. As a result, she got to take home a brand new watch AND more importantly, a pregnant with meaning hug from the Ex. It's destiny, I tell you! Kapalaran!

I first heard about the news here. My gut feel is that it will be illegal for me to save the pictures and repost them, so just go the site and see for yourself. More photos here and here.

I don't particularly like Swatch watches. I never owned a Swatch, even when the large wall clock versions with interchangeable straps were so popular in high school. But only because John Lloyd Cruz is now endorsing the brand, I would HAVE to get myself one. It's something we'll have in common, like those Blue Magic couple key chains that we used to get from our puppy "love-rs". Ampogipogimo, Lloydie!

Pregnant and Able

I wonder. We have a friend who says we're now free to use parking spaces reserved for disabled people because I'm pregnant. She says they used to do that when she was expecting, and the guards at the malls were fine with it.

The idea is tempting, considering how difficult it is to find a safe and convenient parking space these days. Megamall is a reason. So is Trinoma, and Gateway, and Glorietta...

On the other hand, I do not (will never) feel comfortable taking rights away from people who really need them. What if an actual disabled person arrives at the mall at the same time as I do? And the only parking space left was the one I occupied two minutes ago?

It has become inconvenient for me to walk large distances, true. But I'm not disabled am I? So I'm definitely parking at the back lot and walking the rest of the way, like the abled person that I am. What do you think? Would you take up this pregnancy "perk"? 

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Yo Quiero El Taco Bell Perro

Gidget, the fawn chihuahua who played the Taco Bell dog in the late 90s, passed away July 21 at the ripe age of 15. She played a male dog in the commercials but she's an actual princess in real life.

I just think she's so endearing. Like most dogs I love, she's not "show quality," i.e. jaw undershot, snout too long, ears too big, apple head nonexistent. She reminds me of our imperfect Pipo, who we nonetheless love and who loves us unconditionally.

A moment of silence please, while we reminisce the good times...

Bubble Boy (or Girl)

For the record, I think I felt the baby move for the first time last night. It felt like bubbles were popping inside my tummy - the feel-good kind, not the kind that makes you want to reach for Diatabs.

We were watching an Episode of True Blood when it happened. I think it was the part where Sookie and Bill were meeting with some vampires from Dallas. We put the player on pause to observe, and s/he moved again twice after that.

The baby hasn't moved since. Too bad. Maybe s/he likes to be awake at night. By the way, s/he's the size of a mango today. One week to go and we're half-way through. We're so excited! Yipee-yay!

Saint Stephen

Pao's best man, Stephen, is a modern-day angel. After our wedding, he surprised us with a free overnight stay at the Holiday Inn. I think he knew we were too broke to pay for additional accommodations. So after getting out of my wedding gown and eating dinner at Rufo's Tapa, Pao and I spent a relaxing night (ahem) under warm hotel blankets, for free!

When Pao visited the U.S. in 2007 (?), Stephen took him to Hooters. It was a proud moment for Pao, only because he heard that the buffalo wings there are great. Really. 

And now, seeing that Pao's office mate Minnie was going there for a vacation, Stephen again helped Pao by being the chanel through which he would acquire his new iPhone. Taran! The best part of this is, the iPhone came with a free case courtesy of Stephen. Nevermind that hidden in the box were loads and loads of Vegas girly cards. Bahd.

Lest we forget the pregnant and emotional wife, I got a new case for my iTouch too. Yipee. Now I can finally replace my Belkin.

I bought this one because the packaging says it uses only organic materials. The lining is made of natural hemp fibers. But for purposes of protecting my gadgetry, this just sucks. My iTouch fell out of it thrice. The design just has nothing to keep the iTouch securely in place; and we all know what happens when we get carried away playing Ping Pong or Cooking Mama. The iTouch just flies out of the case and assumes a life of its own. Noooo.

So good riddance, Belkin! May you rest in peace. For now, thanks to Stephen, I will be happily carrying this light and space-age Contour case.

Excellent choice, compadre! And mucho thanks!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Sa Pula o Sa Puti

Paolo and Gladys are having...

Sa Pula - A Baby Boy

Sa Puti - A Baby Girl

Behold! Baby's first onesie! It's printed with dogs, which will remind us dearly of Pipo, who will have to leave our home before the baby is born because he sheds like there's no tomorrow. We miss him already. Sniff.

Anyway, I wonder. This onesie's meant for a baby boy. Could this be a sign? We don't know. I personally don't believe in signs, even though the last time a sign came along, we had the surprise of a lifetime and suddenly became expectant parents. Unless they're accompanied by lightning, a parting of clouds, and/or a booming voice from heaven that says "I AM," I'd say signs are pure coincidink.

We'll know, I think for sure, by next month (our 5th). In the meantime, let's guess a little in the spirit of good fun, why don't we? It's 50/50 for me. Some days people tell me I'm carrying a girl. Some days (mostly when I'm not in the mood to put on eyeliner), they say it's a boy. What do you think?

Correct guessers get...uhm, fame and glory! Sorry, although I wish I could be like some famous bloggers who give away prizes, I'm really just you're regular journal freak with neither sponsors nor funds. So winner/s get what I can give away for free, meaning, air time! Wahaha.

* * Thanks to our friend Minnie, who brought baby's onesie all the way from the land of flowing milk and honey. Cheers! 

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Pregnancy Journal 4.3 (Shrek)

This is a photo of Shrek and his belly. He's wearing my white tank top and black flats, on carpeted floors that just happen to look like the ones in my office. Heehee

Seriously, I don't look too bloated yet. I think it depends on what I wear. Here, it either looks like I'm pregnant or I drank too much beer...

But look at me wearing this loose jersey tunic the next day, and the Baby's not showing so much...

Our doctor told us I wasn't gaining enough weight during the first trimester (I gained about 5 lbs. total). I apparently took her advise seriously, because I gained a whopping 8 lbs. in the 4th month alone! Nya. I haven't been this heavy in my entire life. I didn't even know it was possible for a person to gain that much weight, that fast.

It makes sense now. When a friend (whom we will call Smchina :p) was pregnant, she complained a lot that she was getting fat. I brushed her whining aside and told her that of course she's going to get fat, she's pregnant. But I realize now that pregnancy carries with it self-image issues, especially when you've never been this "plump" before; more so when you've always watched your weight as an adult. Nya talaga!

To address my "issues" whenever I look at the mirror, I try to see past the cellulite and focus on my growing belly instead. So long as the Baby's happy and healthy in there, it's all good with me. My only problem with all the weight gain is the pressure that my body's been exerting on my feet. Just a few minutes standing up are enough to hurt my soles. And don't even get me started on the back pains!

This month, our goal is to gain "only" 4 lbs. I guess this means I would have to eat only 1 cup of rice per meal, and to lay low on the sweets. Farewell, Dairy Queen! 

Sats a Loser

The reason why I don't blog on weekends is because I earn a living sitting in front of a computer 5 days a week. Naturally, on the 2 days that I'm not working, I like to stay away from computers for a change. Instead, I read a book, scratch my dog's belly, interact with live people, the works. You know, just those things we used to do when the Internet and computers weren't as ubiquitous yet.

Our pantry in the office gives us a full view of the office building across us. When I'm there eating, I see the same yuppie sitting on his desk, staring at his laptop, looking like he's doing nothing. In reality, he may be an accountant doing spreadsheets or a marketing guy putting together a list of clients. But from afar, when he's motionless like that for most of the day, you'd think he's useless.

I'd think, "Gad, what a loser." And then, realizing that I too have to sit in the same chair for 9 hours a day (barring meetings and hearings), I end up just grinning to myself. "Wee, wee, wee," cried this little piggy, all the way back to her cubicle.

Friday, July 17, 2009

A Gene Kelly Moment

I had a difficult time getting out of bed this morning. It rained all night last night, which meant the weather was cool enough for me to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Owing to the pregnancy, that's something I haven't had in a very long time. I loved it.

Just between us girls, I was severely tempted to call in sick so I could sleep in. Problem was, I wasn't at all feeling under the weather. I felt perfectly fine, and I couldn't find it in me to (ahem) malinger.

So, heavy rains and severe winds notwithstanding, I dragged Pao out of bed to drive me to work. I was prepared to face the next nine hours. It was, after all, a Friday - my favorite day of the week. Come to think of it, I actually am more productive on Fridays than on any other day.

Lo and behold at 9:00 a.m., I get news from my boss that management has just declared "time-off" in view of the typhoon. In other words, HALF-DAY! Yey! I feel like I just won an Oscar: "I'd like to thank my husband, my parents, my friends and my dog Pipo for this award..."

Now, all I have to figure out is how to make good use of my now free time. I could: (1) do the laundry, (2) watch Harry Potter, (3) sleep some more, (4) give Pipo a bath, or (5) clean out my closet. Doesn't matter. What matters now is I actually have half a day to spare. Really, I'm so happy, I feel like hugging a lamp post would be perfectly justified. I think I could just cry...


I seem to have forgotten why, once upon a time, I preferred high-heeled shoes over flats. The latter are way more comfortable, and cheaper too (at least in general). Lately, I've been wearing what I call my Michael Jackson shoes when out of the office. I bought these from Francesco at 40% off, which amounts to just [Secret]. 

I wasn't happy with the shoelace that came with the shoes, so I bought thinner waxed ones for PhP39 from the men's section of a department store. Hihi. So now my only remaining hang-up is that my shoes look rounded on the toes, which kills any 40s/50s vibe that they should otherwise have been able to conjure.

A good deal nonetheless, if I do say so myself, considering that similar-looking Repetto Zizis cost around $135 a pair or roughly PhP6,500.

And then there are my mortal enemies, the overpriced Melissas. This new line, "Joy," was designed by skin jewellery designer J. Maskrey. A pair costs PhP10,950. Nope, they do not come with free feet. Just the shoes cost that much. And yes, they're still just made of plastic. Anuvah.

I was waiting for Schu to release their jazz shoes, like I heard from this blog a few weeks back. I passed by Schu in Robinsons Galleria every day, asking if these shoes were already available. I waited and waited, but my very low emotional quotient failed me, so I ended up buying my Michael Jackson shoes instead. A shame, I think. Since these jazz shoes are better looking (hindi mukhang cheap) and, compared to Repettos and Melissas, are definitely more reasonable. The price: PhP2,750.

It's a shame that I did not wait long enough though, because soon after I purchased my Michael Jackson shoes, these "oxfords" came out from local online brand, Ichigo. Okay, the photo I got may not be the most flattering of all colors. Pero sa totoo lang, they also have these in gold and gunmetal (sort of matte metallic gray) in calf leather. The cost? Just PhP780! Tsk, tsk.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


Our helper of barely two months never returned from her "day-off" this weekend. She asked for her salary in advance, which we gave, because it was close to pay day anyway and well, we trusted her. Four days later, she's still nowhere to be seen or heard from. She did not even have the decency to inform us that she was leaving for good so we could find a suitable replacement. I get angry just thinking about it. Hay.

So now, Pao and I have to do chores around the house when we get home from work. I have been taking care of the dusting, floor sweeping, feeding Pipo and picking up after him. Pao alternates with me in washing the dishes. And he makes sure there's always drinking water from the dispenser, which we get from the retailer across our house.

It's been fun, so far. At least in my case, sweeping floors and cleaning table tops are welcome breaks from the usual staring at the computer all day long. But we are yet to clean the bathrooms. I'm scared. Eeeek. There's also the matter of the laundry that's been piling up. I now realize I should not have been buying clothes without regard to how easily they may be ironed. Also, with my growing belly, a lot of my clothes are presently knits, which means they can't simply be thrown into a washing machine. Most will possibly bleed. Eeeek.

Oh well. I guess we'll just have to cross the damn bridge/s when we get there. Tomorrow, I have "delicates" to handwash. Wish me luck.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Pregnancy Journal 4.3 (Waiting for Tonight)

I can't wait 'til Saturday because that's when our doctor's appointment is scheduled. I just looove it when someone licensed tells me everything's fine. These days, I like to think of our OB as a constant bearer of good news.

We're almost at 18 weeks now but I haven't felt any flutters or movement yet. This may just be because I have no idea what to look out for; I honestly don't know. So like any self-respecting first-time mother would do in these worrisome times, I Googled.

In my "research," I came across this video of twins moving inside their mom's belly...

  Whoa! Nevermind the slight creepiness. I still think child-bearing and childbirth are the most amazing miracles in the world. * Sigh *

Rainy Days and Mondays

This rainy Monday day calls for a hot bowl of ginatan. See the sago, chewy bilo-bilo, and some boiled bananas, all bathing in that sweet pool of sugar? Yum yum.

This is only one of the benefits of staying with your parents, you know. You get these things on demand. Okay, not demand-demand. But it's really as simple as pleading (STEP 1), batting your eyelash (STEP 2) and coming up with your best approximation of your 9-year old self (STEP 3).

I think it also helps when you're pregnant. Yesiree. Carrying your dad's grandchild is the best legitimate excuse to be a food-brat. Mwahaha.

Meet Mark

I got my annual sponsor's progress report a few days ago. This is Mark Vincent. He's the child I've been sponsoring since I started working some years ago. He lives with his parents and a brother in Golden Valley, Palawan. 

Compared to his photo last year, it looks like Mark's gained a little weight, which is a good thing.

Another good thing is that his grades have improved. His average is now 77.8 compared to his 77.25 last year (Hey, 0.55 is an improvement!). So now he's on his way to third grade. Hoorah! 

His drawings are also improving. Now their house has a smiling red sun with three cloud friends ...

But I think he needs new slippers. 

He had the same predicament last year. 

I'm sending World Vision an email today to ask how I can give new slippers to Mark. The sponsorship kit says we're discouraged from giving additional contributions to the children, monetary or otherwise, because the community might get jealous. Small contributions are allowed, however, and slippers aren't really a big deal.

I hope I'll be allowed to give new slippers to Mark in time for his birthday in August. Keeping my fingers crossed...

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