Thursday, July 2, 2009

In the greater scheme of things

I had a classmate in high school who was stranger than most. She eventually became salutatorian of our class. But before that, we just made fun of her. 

We found it hilarious that she came to school on freshman year with broken glasses bound in the middle with masking tape. She never outlived that until graduation, although she did not seem to mind it a bit. I wonder where she is now.

In the greater scheme of things, it doesn't really matter how popular we were in school, I think. Soon we realize the world is more complex and there are weightier things in life worth fussing over than appearances. Turns out my high school classmate realized that earlier than the rest of us. Good for her. 

These are my glasses, by the way. Pao broke them when he crept in bed (to remind me to drink milk), when I fell asleep one weekday reading a book. I wear these now with scotch tape on the sides to keep the ear pieces in place. After 15 years, I seem to have also grown up, because frankly, I...don't....mind.

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  1. hehe... kilalal ko kung sino yan! : hmm... i do wonder, nasan na kaya sya? :)


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