Wednesday, May 26, 2010


You remember I was raving about NuDekor's wall stickers here and here? Well, I discovered that FUNctional in SM Megamall carries the same wall decals at half the price. The stickers sold at FUNctional are at PhP395 each to be exact, as opposed to NuDekor's PhP500 to PhP1,000 price range. Nyee (or Hoorah, depending on how you look at it ).

The packages in FUNctional indicate that some stickers sold in NuDekor's site are actually off-the-shelf wall decals sold by a Chinese manufacturer. See this photo here?

Spotted at FUNctional

It's the same 'colorful ring' design that I bought from NuDekor and put on my kitchen wall. 

Spotted at NuDekor

The rings on our kitchen wall

Some of the designs at the back of the stickers sold in FUNctional are also the same designs as those sold by NuDekor. It's a good thing the stickers that I bought were out of stock in FUNctional. I would not have stopped kicking myself in the bum for paying 100% more for the exact same product.

I wonder though who copied from whom. I'm hoping the Chinese manufacturer reproduced NuDekor's designs without the latter's knowledge. Otherwise, it would be inaccurate for NuDekor to say, as they did in this interview here, that they "make [their] own designs" and that "It takes roughly 2 weeks to design the graphics and another 6 weeks to print them."

* * *

P.S. It appears that the NuDekor interview has been updated to read: "We also have several suppliers now so we can add designs regularly. As such, some designs we just buy outright from the suppliers." This disclaimer wasn't in the interview before, but it sort of explains this whole fiasco.

Anyway, I'm thinking of buying a growth chart for Malik. Guess where I'd be going for that. Loo-li-loo.


  1. aha/nye! I got lost in space stickers from Nu Dekor (which I found about in your blog, hehe). Buti na lang the one I got was on sale :) I wonder how sticky these chinese stickers are though; the ones I got had a few stickers which kept on falling off :( Btw, growth charts are not accurate for kids until they are at least 2 years old daw, because babies younger than 2 still have curved spines.

  2. They're the exact same thing Chi. Only the packaging is different. Baka yun yung binayaran natin ng mark-up na 100%. Nya.

    Baka nabasa yung nabili mo or nadumihan yung surface. Our stickers are performing excellently. Nandun lang sila, no maintenance needed. :)

  3. Uy thanks for the info. But will buy nonetheless solely for decorative purposes. Heehee

  4. Siguro basa, kasi I had the wall cleaned before I "installed" the stickers. Nilagyan ko ng scotch tape sa likod, hahaha.


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