Monday, May 24, 2010

All Better

So this is what happens when your baby gets sick. We shouldn't be worrying too much really. Malik just got vaccinated yesterday, and vaccines sometimes lead to fever.

I guess we were just caught off-guard. While I've had to deal with colds for at least 3x since giving birth, Malik has not gotten sick ever. Not when I was nursing him along with a very bad cold. Not after his monthly vaccines. Never.

Yesterday, Malik was having a grand time hanging out with cousin Mae, when he suddenly felt warm to the touch late afternoon. It didn't seem like he was bothered by it, but we were.

I've had to stay up all night to check Malik's temperature and give him his medicine. I now know how it feels when your baby's running a fever and your holding his little body against you so he can go back to sleep. 

Anyway, Malik's better now. His temperature is down to normal. Pao took care of him early today, so Malik and I were able to take a two hour nap together. Everything's going to be okay.


  1. Aww ... Glad to hear that ... :) Get well soon Malik.

  2. Thanks P.A.! He's fine na. Smiling and snickering as always. ;)


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