Thursday, May 27, 2010


I have been credit-card free for six months now. My credit card of x years (applied for and used since I first started working) expired in 2009 and I have not seen the need to re-apply or to look for a replacement card. So, thus far, all of my purchases have been paid for in cash.

I had no idea being [trying to be] this liquid can be so liberating. I am not made to believe that I can afford things, because if the cash is not in my wallet, then I simply don't have the money to spend. I don't have a magic plastic contraption that buys things for me at my disposal. I am also spared the agony of having to wait for my credit card bill and the stress of having to come up with the money to pay for my debt. 

However, the thing I miss about credit cards are the freebies. For example, this month through September, you can use your BPI credit card to get free things from Pizza Hut / Pizza Hut Bistro when you dine in.

Pao enjoying a very free dinner

When you use your BPI credit card to pay for the following amounts, you get these food items for free:

PhP1,500 - Supreme Buddy Pan Pizza or Caesar Salad

PhP3,000 - Spaghetti Bolognese or Fettucine ala King (I couldn't find a photo in the website, so here's some random pasta for you. Haha)

PhP7,000 - Supreme Family Pan Pizza

Bongga, di ba?


  1. hahaha
    i've long ridden myself of my hsbc card, pero still retain my bpi card para sa mga online purchases like e-tickets. sayang lang, di ko alam kung pwede ka magclaim ng food perks sa mga online purchases

  2. Oo nga noh. Dapat kasama ito, para fair. Let's make a Facebook account to let BPI know how we feel! Wekwek


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