Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have dinner here

Maybe I shouldn't be telling you about this restaurant. It's been around for so long already that I'll probably sound ignorant just writing about it now. On the other hand, it would be a shame not to recommend the place. 

I'm referring  to 22 Prime, located at the 22nd Floor of the Discovery Suites (across The Podium) in Ortigas. Pao and I had dinner there on our anniversary last week. Here's the story.

22 Prime made The Philippines' Best Restaurants List of the Philippine Tatler in 2009.

Discovery Suites' website describes 22 Prime as "sophisticated and upscale," as evidenced by this sign at the entrance -

I made myself an exception, of course. No reason wearing back my office heels just for dinner, noh? Sorry.

It wasn't such a big deal really. In fact, I found the place laid back. We went on a Wednesday  night. All was quiet, and I loved it.

We had the Surf and Turf meal, which came with the usual bread and 22 Prime's signature pate (not so good, but note that I have never really acquired a taste for liver) -

Soup -

Ceasar salad -

Main course of grilled prawns (The menu said lobster, but we were served prawns) + steak the exact cut of which I forget + pureed potatoes + choice of a side dish (I ordered potato gratin but our server forgot so I was given the default twice baked potato) and baked tomato -

Their dessert sampler -

And a glass of red wine (This is just Hardy's, which is fine. Hardy's, in my opinion, is the Honda City of cheap wines. Teehee) -

Also, you get to choose your weapon. I like my steak knife dainty and in bright pink.

The entire meal costs around PhP1,200++ per head, which is reasonable, considering that I had to stop a few times during the course of the meal to keep my tummy from exploding.


It is likely that I'll have Pao take me to 22 Prime again. I love it there, not so much because of the food but primarily because of the absence of bustling people elbowing me out of the buffet table. It is "upscale" in the proper context, not at all pretentious, and the servers were so nice to me despite my rubber slippers. Thumbs up, folks. Next time, we're taking Malik with us.

Malik: "I'm so excited Mommy. Feed me steak! Feed me steak!"

Click here for 22 Prime's menu. 


  1. steak for malik...good start, gladi, good start.

  2. Yuz. Ang tunay na lalake, mahilig sa karne. Wahaha ;p

  3. lalo na yung may mga taba-taba pang nakadikit. yum.

  4. Like! (There's no like button here...)


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