Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Pleasant Surprises

I had to drag myself to work today. Well, I drag myself to work almost everyday, but today my feet were extra heavy. 

There is, first of all, the matter of Malik getting sick. I really just wanted to stay home to see to it that he's doing okay already.

Second, my cold is killing me. I've resorted to antibiotics because I've been dealing with a stuffy, sneezy nose for a week now. The decongestants/paracetamols/anti-histamines in my bag are no longer working. I swear, my purse looks like a drug store. I just want to stay home, drink enough water 'til I drown and seriously cleanse myself of this icky feeling.

But alas. Here I am, ocassionally blogging, but generally still slaving in front of the computer for yet another 9 hours today. It's just the way the world works.

So on days like this when we need inspiration to even get out of bed, thinking of the pleasant surprises in life may help. For example, who knew that beneath all this geekiness -

- lies this? Waaah.

Yun lang.

[Gad, I want to go home...]


  1. check out his vogue pics gladi. kaloka si mr. schuster.

  2. I implore you to watch his performance at the white house easter egg hunt. Search mo sa YouTube. Grabe ang hot.

  3. Did this Mel. Ang laki pala ng biceps niya ano? Parang hindi kasya sa sleeves ng polo. Also liking, no... loving...Puck!

  4. Let's not get too excited. We haven't seen half-naked pictures of him yet. Heehee

  5. there's a (slightly) half-naked picture of Puck in GQ; found out about it in E! Online (they were comparing Mr. Schu's Vogue pics vs. Puck's GQ ones). Go, hanapin na!

  6. There's an episode in Season 1 where he was cleaning pools and he was half-naked! That's actually the episode that made me start watching Glee :-)

  7. Thanks for the link Chi! Team Puck all the way! :-) Plus Puck is a whole lot cuter....

  8. Sa inyo na si Puck, akin si Mr. Schu!

  9. Thanks for this Chi! Saw it na. My conclusion is...Mr. Schu is so much hotter. Team Matthew Morrison!


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