Friday, May 21, 2010

ProP 5.2 (The Close Open)

Proud Parent Update - Our handsome baby Malik the Rockstar is fast becoming everyone's bundle of joy. He's learned some serious baby skills this month, most of which are necessary to be considered "cute". For one, Malik has learned The Close Open. Behold -

With daddy this time -

He's also learned to laugh out loud, flail his arms whilst squealing in delight, and as always, spontaneously smile -

I may be considered a bad mother because of this, but yes, I allow Malik to watch TV sometimes. He likes it. Sandali lang naman!

And oh, Malik can now turn from tummy to back. We've seen him do it hundreds of times so it can't be just luck this time.

This month is particularly good to us because nearing 5 1/2 months, Malik has learned to sleep on his own at night. Previously, we had to swing baby Malik in all his 7.7 kg glory for close to 2 hours just to get him to sleep. He cries his lungs out in the process, of course. Now, we just gently tap his bum and sing him a lullaby.  He rolls around on our bed for about 20 minutes, flipping back and forth, back and forth, and before we know it, he's off to meet the sandman. Yey.

On weekends and at night, we like to read books - 

Menus, with full-color photos of food, are okay too -

I'm hoping though, that he won't be a nerdoks like me. Half-sporty, half-nerdoks like his dad would be much better.

That is all. Until next month! Rockstar will just be chillin' here in the meantime. Word. 


  1. now trying to weigh sino mas kamukha na ni malik ngayon... hmmm... is that you gladi? or pao? hahaha
    for pao, na-meet ko pala si brian evangelista na kilala mo pala (na nadiscover ko lang after seeing him comment on a facebook upload of yours with malik doing the noynoy laban sign).

  2. yeees, sana naman marunong magbasketball si malik.mashado na itong cute ha.wohooo meet-malik day soon!

  3. Golds, parang wala siyang choice sa tatay niya. Kakagising pa lang sa umaga, basketball tv na kaagad. Kina-career ang pagco-condition sa bata! NBA, isdatchu calling?

  4. bakit nakaharap si Malik sa Certificate mo for passing the bar? Subliminal messaging ba yan? Haha

  5. Yey! I forget, Malik's also learned to "brawl". Backward + Crawl = Brawl. Heehee

  6. Marion doesn't get it when I try to teach her the close-open trick. Oh well. :p And she can't as you call it brawl... or frawl ;p She can rotate herself and then just roll towards the direction she wants to go. Haha. Babies are cute and funny! :D


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