Sunday, June 6, 2010

All New

We bought our one and only sofa more than three years ago. We were getting married in weeks, placed the downpayment for a condo unit we were to rent, and were slowly "populating" it with our things.

This was how our sofa looked like when we bought it. Okay, this may be the 3-seater version of it, but you catch my drift.*

It looked great in our squeaky clean white-walled apartment.

Unfortunately, our then only son Pipo (see photo of child with tail above) got all territorial and started treating the sofa as his very own fire hydrant. When we moved to this house some months ago, this was how the same sofa looked like. Hala.

We had to cover it with all sorts of linen out of desperation, like bedsheets, curtains, or this bed cover purchased in Cambodia -

So basically, we were left with only three options: (1) Buy a new sofa, (2) reupholster the existing sofa, or (3) have slip covers made. The third option seemed to be the cheapest option. Plus, slip covers can easily be thrown into the washing machine every month for cleaning. 

While the slip cover business seems to be common place internationally, there doesn't seem to be a good amount of slip cover makers with Internet presence in the Philippines. (Wait, this is a good business idea! Hmmm.)

Anyway, after searching far and wide for a good modista, we found one who specialized in furniture, drapes and other home-related treatments. After about two weeks, this handsome little thing made his debut appearance in our living room -

Throw in these playful pillow cases from your favorite Department Store and you're all set. Yey.

Pillow cases from Robinson's Department Store (around PhP150 each)

"I like this one, Mommy. It has a certain buttery feel to it."

Labor costs around PhP800 per slip cover, but I was told this was only because the modista has been making stuff for Pao's family for years. She usually charges PhP1,200. Anywho, we then bought canvass and katsa (cheese cloth) from the Kamuning market at PhP110 and PhP35 per yard respectively. So each slip cover (we had two made) costs around PhP2K each.

Paolo: "What do you think of our sofa, son?"
Malik: "Eh, not bad dada."

* You may be wondering what possessed me to take a photo of our sofa before taking it home. I like to blog, obviously, and this included that time in our lives when were just starting out as husband and wife. To read more about that, and the story of how this sofa came to be, click here.

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  1. hi! good idea with the covers! been wanting to update our old sofa. To cut cost i want also to have slipcovers made but cannot seem to find a reliable sewer. may i pls know who made the covers for you? thanks and i appreciate your help!



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