Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day Off

I'm on vacation today! Woothoot. And by "vacation" I mean I'm staying home to take care of Malik because Ate Bear is away. She has to take her kid to her first day of class. Good for her.

I'm loving my day so far. I woke up at 7:30 a.m. to Malik stare-smiling at me. Like this -

I didn't have to put make-up on, because well, I don't have to go to work! Yehey. My morning ritual thus consisted of putting shokshok on my hair and looking for my glasses. And then I was off to mommy work.

Malik had a bowl of rice cereal for breakfast. I gave him a bath in the bathroom for the first time. We usually give him baths on top of the sink, but I decided to move the stage to the bathroom today because he's gotten too "splashy". I had a leisurely breakfast of leftover fish from Malik's dedication (more on this later). And then Malik and I danced to Fortunate Fool by Jack Johnson. He's asleep now. So I found the time to take a quick shower and write this post.

I'm hoping I can write some more during the day. I really find tapping away random thoughts on this keyboard therapeutic. Of course Malik takes top priority. So if he wants to read a book, or maybe watch Dora The Explorer later, I would have to put off blogging. There is also the matter of us discussing local politics at 4:00 p.m. today. We're trying to figure out who will make up the next Cabinet. Gotta read up on that. Toodles.


  1. @Chile - We wanted to revive his faux hawk so we tied it up like that. Ayaw eh. Bumababa talaga. Teehee


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