Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Daddy's Day, Daddy!

We celebrated Pao's first Father's Day as a bona fide father this year! Woohoo! It was a fun-filled Sunday, packed with a lot of activities centered on dad and son, with mom happily watching (and only occasionally stage-mothering) in the background.

We went to my sister's place to have lunch with Lolo Doc. He is after all, also one of the greatest fathers in the world. Hello Lolo. 

Lolo Doc and Kuya Gabby

After lunch, we headed to our mall of choice to attend Sunday service. We got there pretty early, so we took the opportunity to buy the very critical bed rail for Malik. [More on this later] We strolled for about an hour, looking for a nice gift for Malik's cousin Mae. Ladi-da - 

Here are photos of Malachi literally looking up to his dad at the mall -

And then Malik attended Sunday service with us for the first time. Malik was a very good boy. He felt sleepy during praise and worship, which was good. No one noticed that I was actually rocking a baby boy to sleep because we were all singing. Sneaky. 

When Malik woke up, he sat still on my lap, just listening to the pastor and playing with his shoe lace. Ladi-da -

He got cranky towards the end only because he was hungry already. Here he is attempting to drink milk on his own. Teehee -

Almost there, anak. =)

Dinner was at Duri, where we took the mandatory "picture picture" with Daddy and Mommy.

All in all, a very fun day in honor of a very fun dad. Three cheers for daddy Paolo! Yipee!

Malik: "You're the coolest, Daddy.
You're like a Jedi Knight and I am your Jedi Youngling!Warharhar"

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