Monday, June 7, 2010

Heim(a) Gonna Pass

We used to live in a condo that frankly looked like a bachelor''s pad. All of our walls were white, our curtains were a deep brown, and most of our furniture were made of dark hard wood. The very few decors we had were all very Asian. I remember we had a black and white drawing of King Jayavarman framed in, what else, black wood. Let's see. Here's a photo of our old bedroom from my old blog -

The husband liked our home "minimalist" and "modern." I personally did not mind too, mainly because my only requirement for living quarters back then was for it to lack clutter. After all, it was easier to spot dirt and clean it with walls and tiles all in white.

Lately though, my goal has been to create the coziest, homiest, most visually stimulating environment for baby Malachi. I've been increasingly drawn to bright colors, kitsch, flowers, and prints, the search for which all led me to Heima

Heima is a lifestyle and home design store owned by partners Rossy Yabut (an Interior Designer) and Bong Rojales (a Marketing person). Heima's stores are in Cubao X and at the LRI Bldg., Nicanor Garcia St., Makati. Check out their "upcycled" furniture below.

Charlotte chaise lounge - PhP39,800
Deerest Dy Louis XV chair - PhP13,500
Zoe stool in Cath Kidston oil cloth - PhP15,000

Happy Bench patchwork ottoman - PhP19,900
Happy Couch - PhP67,500
Keep Calm and Carry On Wall Art - PhP1,800

Sophie folding chair - PhP9,700 

Cath Kidston bar stool - PhP13,000

Adrienne Canepe - PhP74,900

Amelie Setee - PhP46,000
Reproduction arm chair - PhP7,800

Chloe Petite Chair in Cath Kidston fabric - PhP12,900
Pink ladder - PhP12,000
Printed pillows - PhP450

Happy Couch - PhP67,500
Heima x Ava (Paguyo) chair - PhP26,000
Heima x Ava arm chair - PhP35,800

Okay. While these pieces will certainly provide that color and quirkiness in our home that I've been aiming for, Heima's furniture are waaaayyyyy too pricey for our humble 2-bedroom apartment. In fact, I'd go so far as saying that they're hugely overpriced (PhP13K for a bar stool?! Really?). So I'd just be holding on to these photos for inspiration. Maybe Pao and I will just drop by Bangkal, Makati one of these days, pick out a dilapidated wing chair and reupholster it in Kamuning canvass. Why not. 

(All photos from Heima.)


  1. and then there's the sophie folding chair for almost 10k. naloka din ako sa prices nila gladi.


  2. ikea ikea ikea! naku gladi, di ma-appreciate ni malik ang stool na ganyan kamahal.btw, im liking the new blog!

  3. @grace - Although, I must admit, I'm kinda sad I didn't think of this first. We should have woken up one morning and thought, "Hmmm. I think I'm going to paint this old ladder a bright fuschia pink. And then, I'm going to sell it for PhP12K." Brilliant.

    @golda - Thanks Golds! I'm liking my new blog too. Hehe Unfortunately, Ikea's nowhere to be seen in our beloved motherland. Maybe we should bring it here!

  4. hello. little lovenest might be able to help you out with your design dilemma gladi :)


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