Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Keep Calm and Carry On

I've had my eyes set on a Keep Calm and Carry On wall art since I first saw one on the Heima website. The statement just feels so timely for me now, when changes in the office are rocking my little boat. I came close to actually shelling out PhP1,800 for the Heima version, until I Googled the phrase and found out that it isn't an original Heima artwork! Behold -

Keep Calm and Carry On was actually a propaganda poster initially produced for Britain's Ministry of Information in 1939. It was meant to be distributed should the Nazis succeed in invading Britain with the ultimate objective of boosting Britain's collective resolve. Two million posters were printed but a smaller number was actually disseminated. In 2000, the poster was rediscovered in a second-hand bookshop in Northumberland (Don't you just love how the names of places in the UK just seem to roll off your tongue? "Northumberland". Naks.)

Copyright on artwork created by the UK government expires in 50 years. Hence, the image is now in the public domain! Okayyy. Devoid of the legal gibberish, this only happily means we're free to download images of the poster, reprint it in mugs and bags and things, even wear it around our necks if we want to. It's legally free for all! The sky is the langit! There's even a website dedicated exclusively to selling Keep Calm and Carry On products, like such and such -
Tote - 20 GBP (around PhP1,400)

Cufflinks - 20 GBP (around PhP1,400)

Deck Chairs - 75 GBP (around PhP4,900)

Children's Baseball Shirt - 11 GBP (around PhP700)

Pao and I are in the process of making our very own Keep Calm and Carry On wall art. Of course I'll post a photo of our project here, if it ever materializes. I'm so excited!

(If you're nerdoks enough to want to read a history of the Keep Calm and Carry On poster yourself, click here.)


  1. napaka-informative ng entry na ito.additional trivia for small talk na nagmumukha kang matalino.woooop!

  2. @Ledge of Life - Of course, tayo lang ang natutuwa sa mga ganitong ka-nerdo-han Golda. Haha


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