Saturday, June 12, 2010

The New and Improved Closet

Now that I am slowly discovering the many many things that I could do with Blogger, I'm wondering why I didn't think of leaving Multiply sooner. The possibilities are endless here! I'm amazed (or maybe just too old-fashioned to know these features have been here since forever. Heehee)

Lately I've been working on improving my new virtual home. Unless you're legally blind, you can't not notice my new site template in bright pink, with yellow, red and orange polka dots. Yey.

I love that these colors may me feel so alive, like I'm capable of breaking into a Marky Mark and the Funkybunch song anytime...

"It's such a good vibrey-shu-uhn....."

I placed some widgets in my posts too. Here, let me show you.

Okayyy. You all know I'm the only person below 30 in the planet without a Facebook account, but this doesn't mean you can't show me Facebook love. If you like what I write about, let me know by clicking the Facebook "Like" button at the bottom of my posts -

Also, feel free to share my posts on Facebook by clicking on "Share" at the upper right hand corner of each entry - 

Finally, I've installed a widget that suggests related posts within my blog. You know, for those times when you have nothing better to do at home or in the office than stalk your friends online.

And just because I like you, I'm going to share how to install all of these widgets on your blogger blog. In a while... Harhar


  1. hi there. welcome to the wonderful world of blogspot. thanks to you, i've learned a thing or two to jazz my ubra underoptimized blogsite.

    unlike you though, i have chosen not to share my posts/blog on fb because with my "luho" published online, i don't think my husband will ever let me leave the house alive. hahaha.

    thanks very much for the visit and i hope to "see" you again soon. cheers!

  2. @Maver - Thanks for dropping by Maver! I read your blog everyday. So fun!

  3. awww shucks. you're making me blush. i've another blog btw. hope you can visit me there too :D


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