Saturday, June 5, 2010

Of Flowery Things

My current obsession revolves around finding a lovely floral tote, the mere sight of which is guaranteed to make me happy. Of course I could just buy any ol' floral tote from SM. But because I've been following Daphne Osena's and thebaghag's blogs, I am now programmed to want something totally unobtainable - namely, any one of these Cath Kidston bags.

Cath Kidston Carry-All Bag - GBP25

Cath Kidston Bucket Bag - GBP40

In my non-existent ideal world, the bags above would be within my comfortable price range. The Carry-All Bag sells for approximately PhP1,700 while the Bucket Bag sells for about PhP2,700. Unfortunately, these prices apply only for people who can actually afford to fly to London to buy the bags directly from the stores. (Cath Kidston ships worldwide. But shipping to the Philippines would cost you an additional PhP1,400 or GBP20. Plus, shipping to our third-world country takes at least a week. Baka maligaw pa yan sa post office. Nyee.)

Locally, I found one Cath Kidston Carry-All Bag selling on ebay for PhP4,800, which is PhP3K more than the bag's actual retail price! Meanwhile, a Cath Kidston bucket bag from an online seller here in Multiply sells for close to PhP7,000. Again, that's Php4K more than actual retail!

So for now, I will content myself with looking at these bags online. Hopefully, someone in the future would have the good sense of bringing Cath Kidston to our part of the world. Paging Stores Specialists Inc. Duty calls. Wink, wink.


  1. hi gladys! i went gaga over these CK bags too! i got 2 both in coated canvass. they're soo femme fatale ;-) gow! --fides

  2. Hey...wait a minute...YOU go to London every time Fides! Can you give me a heads-up the next time you go? Oh please, pretty please. I will forever be in your debt (or baka hindi naman forever, siguro for a year). Heehee

  3. don't see what the hype is about this bag....nothing special about it. there are similar ones here in the states .... various designer labels etc.etc.etc. as well as local designers. check out this website.... and then go to bags, click on totes and request-> floral totes.

  4. go girl ;-). have you considered "vera bradley" bags?

  5. Ah, I love Cath Kidston. I scoured Singapore to find the e-Mook which has the "free" bag no avail. Sayang :(

  6. No, I didn't go to London. Made pabili Lang thru a friend who went for vacay...

  7. hi, im selling cath kidston bag for 2.8k. i could send you pics if interested. better to reach me thru my mobile as i do not log on my multiply that often. let me know 09216244550. thanks! :)


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