Wednesday, June 9, 2010

ProP 6.0 - Paper Eater

Proud Parent Update - When Malik turned six months old, we switched from Earth's Best Organic Whole Grain Rice Cereal to good 'ol Cerelac Rice and Soya. We thought it was a good idea, because we've tasted Cerelac before and it certainly tastes better than that organic concoction from Earth's Best. In fact, anything edible tastes better than Earth's Best!

Cerelac Rice & Soya

Anyway, we mixed Cerelac with vegetables, mainly potato, sweet potato, squash and carrot. ( I allowed Ate Bear (Malik's yaya) to feed him banana only recently. I was afraid the sweetness would make him stop liking vegetables, but the theory remains just that.) We noticed though that Malik's eating was not as enthusiastic as before. 

"Okay, let me see..."

"Hmmm. I don't like this, Mommy."

Here are my notes on Malik's eating habits -  

(1) Malik loves carrot. I now realize he was always looking at this stuffed carrot when he was younger not because he was amused by it, but because he wanted to eat it!

(2) Malik will not finish eating carrot when it is mixed with Cerelac.

(3) Ergo, Malik must not like Cerelac.

So now we've switched back to Earth's Best. Sure the thing tastes like paper, but Malik has been finishing all of his meals since the switch and really, that's all that matters. Very good, you healthy eater you! 

"What is this slice of chocolate cake doing on our bed?
We must not eat it! No!"


  1. Nothing beats 'Am' back in my days... lol

  2. @narwin - Ayan, narwin. Kaya ka lumaki ng ganyan. lol


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