Saturday, June 19, 2010

ProP 6.1 - That's it, pancit.

Proud Parent Update - Goodness me. I am so lagging in my Malik updates. I should apologize to all of the members of my son's fan clubs. [Note the "-s". For the record, Malik has fan clubs here (headed by myself) and in the U.S. (headed by my mom).]

Anywho, like I always say, better late than later. Here's my long-delayed story on Malik's 6th month birthday.

* * *

Malik's May birthdate fell on a weekday. So I really didn't have time to prepare a sumptuous feast for the household. This is not to say that I have the ability to prepare a meal even if I had the time. I can't. My cooking skills are limited to random bursts of culinary genuises.  

I just bought cake from the usual commercial cake store. BTW, this cake called Chocolate Heaven is goooood. It's made of chocolate brownies and chocolate mousse, covered in chocolate ganache and topped with huge chocolate curls. Umyumyum.

"Care for a slice, Malachi?"

We had fried chicken for dinner and I asked our help to cook whatever pancit she can find at home. Turns out, we only had Lucky Me Instant Pancit Canton! Woohoo. 

This was also the day Malik graduated from eating plain rice cereal to rice cereal + mashed root crops. You remember, I used some of his photos in this blog post.

Basically, that's that. Apart from father and son's very animated after-dinner discussion of [then] current events, which got quite heated as you can see, it was a very laid-back, swabe lang kind of birthday. Until next month's celebrations! Toodles.

Pao: "So what can you say about our first nationwide automated elections?"
Malik: "diwefhado ahgooo blehh..."


  1. awww malik is growing so fast! bilis 6 months na!
    and i love your dress! :) very nice color. Where did you buy that? hehe

    and by the way, nice site. :)


  2. @Chol - Thanks Chol! Ang bilis nga ng paglaki ni little boy. Before we know it, he's off to the PBB House na, in his quest for super stardom!


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