Thursday, June 24, 2010

ProP 6.2 - So Many Skills, So Little Time

Proud Parent Update - Oh my. I've been meaning to update you on Malik's progress for the longest time. I just haven't found the time to do so. Now I realize Malik's turning 7 months old in a few hours. To make up for lost time, I will tell this story more in photos than words. Ready? Lez gow.

Malik has learned to do so many things this month. He's on all fours most of the time rather than just on his tummy. Although he isn't crawling yet, he can get from point A to B by propelling himself forward like this -  

Malik's sudden activity is basically the reason why we had to put up our bed rail. Tsk.

Malik's also learned to hold his milk bottle. Sometimes, he misses his target. Sometimes, he's right on. Here's a photo of the rare moments falling under the latter category. Yey, Malik!

Baby boy's also gotten a lot more interactive when it comes to people and his toys. He's acquired some control over his hands and fingers now, so he's able to grab for things and (almost always) put them in his mouth.


He likes to try new things, including drinking off a glass.

Not yet, Honey.

When he's sleepy, I observe he likes to scratch against the bed sheet like this.

It's so easy to make him laugh.

Malik can't sit up on his own yet, but once he's set, he's able to remain seated without toppling over.

Lately, we've began pulling him up to standing position. He enjoys it, although I think we'll post photos of that on ProP 7.0. That begins tomorrow! Ang bilis!


  1. OMG he's so big. (I mean that in a good way)

    I like the pic with the baby bottle. Parang ang contented niya :)

  2. @melvel - big boy talaga. he's approaching 9 kgs already and he just turned 7 months old! weeee


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