Tuesday, June 29, 2010

ProP 7.0 - The Teeth

Proud Parent Update - Malik's front teeth, four of them to be exact, are simultaneously beginning to break through his gums. Ate Bear discovered the little rascals on the night of Malik's 7th month birthday.

No wonder he's been drooling like a water fountain and putting everything under the high heavens into his mouth. This is also probably the reason why we've been getting a lot less sleep lately (Yes, it's possible to get even less sleep than the already little sleep that I've been getting). Malik is so restless at night. I sometimes think he's having night terrors already.

Anyway, I've been trying to take photos of Malik's pearly whites, to no avail. Can you see them here? Hmmm.

Open mouth. Harharhar.

We have not been adviced to give Malik over the counter medicines, or to apply topical treatments to his gums. I read that giving him something cold and hard to chew on would give him soothing relief while teething. So for now we are settling for teethers with cold gels like this one.

Fisher Price Penguin Teether

Malik likes to chew on the teether but doesn't know how to hold it yet. Good thing Mommy's around to help!


I also just got a Nuby Nibbler for Malik. I'm thinking we could use it so he can chew on ice chips and frozen carrot. We'll take that out for a spin later.

The Nibbler

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