Monday, June 28, 2010

Running Away

I got all excited last night, just thinking about running again today. I couldn't find my gym bag, and with it, the running "gear" that I hurriedly acquired during my running frenzy last year. Fortunately, I found my running shoes squeezed in between Malik's unused baby bags. I took them to work today in a recycled paper bag.

My excitement did not wear off until I felt zombie-ish this morning. You know, people, when you're taking care of a 7 month-old, you have to wake up at least 3x at night to give the baby milk or gently pat his bum. This means I've never really had a good night's sleep since giving birth. My body has adjusted of course, but only to the point that I am able to function at the office. I don't know if the energy that I've managed to store is enough to help me plod through the ULTRA oval...for one...whole...hour. Aack.

Anyway, it's raining, which oddly gave me this sun-shiney feeling. If the rains continue, I'll have a legitimate excuse to go straight home and skip exercising. I can just play with Malik, watch TV Patrol, and eat a slice of sans rival to prepare me (and my thighs) for yet another night of baby-rearing.


  1. I just bought running shoes, hoping to start running (or walking haha). Problema, there's no nice running area near where i live

  2. @melvel - BUT mel!The Fort is an excellent place to run at night! Plus, knowing how you guys work at A****, you should have a shower at your disposal after running. You have no excuse. Must now use your running shoes!

  3.'s still raining. Whoopee. TV Patrol here I come!


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