Sunday, June 13, 2010

Widgets for your Blogger

Here it goes. As promised, here are the links to the very helpful instructions on how to install widgets on your Blogger blog.

This link shows you how to install a Facebook Like/Recommend Button. 

This link shows you how to install a Facebook Share Button.

This link directs you to the LinkWithin website, which will tell you how to install the LinkWithin plugin on your blog.

And this link shows you an adorable baby laughing hysterically. Wala lang,  just so you can celebrate with him after having successfully installed all of the plugins above. Enjoy! 


  1. galing naman gladi! i'm still at a loss too with my blog, kaya lang wordpress ako. hahaha.

  2. @Chile - Yey, Chi! I Googled installation instructions for wordpress too. Here's the link - Dali! Trabahuhin na natin! ;p

  3. Hi, Gladi! I'm glad you're here so I can add you to my reader. I love reading your posts but I usually miss most of it while you were still on Multiply. :D

    And thanks for this post. I'll work on adding these to my blog plus organizing it better. :D



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