Friday, July 30, 2010

Looking For

Here's a really old, beat-up photo of my mom that my dad keeps in his wallet. I've taken it to three photo stores (including my father in-law's) for possible fixing, but they told me the photo can't be saved anymore.

I'm willing to pay a premium to anyone who can help me fix it. I remember bringing my dad's old family picture to a store once and they were able to reproduce the photo in all its 1940s glory through the help of Photoshop. If this is your line of business or know someone who can work her magic with it, please let me know.

The Nibbler

The objective of the Nuby Nibbler is to allow babies to transition to whole foods without the risk of choking. This seemed brilliant on paper, so we got one for Malik and another for cousin Mae. For this trial run, we got Malik to try the Nibbler with diced melon (honeydew) inside. The verdict: Not too crazy about it.

Since Malik likes to put things into his mouth, learning to maneuver the Nibbler was a breeze. However, the melon slices (and the entire net) turned out to be too big for him. Malik ended up just sucking on the net, which defeats the purpose of introducing soft solids and obviously gives zero nutritional value.

Mommy: "Here Malik. Try this."

"Ah, what is this contraption?"

"It looks like I should put this in my mouth. Hmmm. "

Daddy: "Here, let me help you."

All net. No basket.

"This is fun Mommy. Can I just play with it?"

We actually recorded Malik's product test on video. Here, watch this -

Note that Malik was 7 months old when he tried the Nibbler. Maybe if your child is older, it'll work better. For now though, the Nibbler is just parked in Malik's dish dryer.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ProP 8.4 - Get up, stand up

Proud Parent Update - Before events overtake us again, here's a quick round-up of what Malik did when he was 7 months old.

Last month, Malik learned to stand up. He can't of course do it by himself yet. So he needs help from people and things, like me -

Or the couch -

Or again the rails of his crib -

Speaking of his crib, Malik can cruise along its perimeter now. It's really amusing. Last night, Ate Bear and AisaS wanted Malik to go from one end of the crib to another by holding onto the rail. Malik, obviously frustrated at the little progress that he's doing, just crawled to where Ate Bear was. My son talaga. So brilliant. Award.

We bought some sandals for Malik to practice-walk in. He's sill getting used to the idea of wearing something on his feet so he's always trying to take them off -

"Ugh. What are these mommy? They're ruining my groove!"

Also, his hair is getting quite unruly.

From a certain angle, it looks like it's just growing on one side!

Apparently, Malik is no longer punk. He is now emo -
- and sometimes also kawaii. Warharhar


First let me qualify that this is written by someone who neither Googled "CATS" nor watched videos of it on YouTube before watching the musical in real life. I think these are excellent excuses for when you find what I am about to write too...uhm...ignorant.

Okay. So what do I think about CATS (the one that's running at the CCP and not the annoying one that's been living in our plant box)? In so many words - I didn't like it. I dozed off. Many times. One of which was when Lea Salonga was singing Memory. I know. I should be ashamed of myself. But I really really struggled. Unfortunately, my body can only handle so much. It was just soooo boring. Nyii.

After much thought, I think my inability to appreciate CATS is due to the fact that I am the type of person who puts a premium on story-telling. For instance, I liked say, Fiddler on the Roof, because it told an interesting story about family, young love, and racial/social discrimination. On the other hand, CATS is about, well, cats, who obviously do not talk much but just like to dance.

From the very little that I can see from where I was seated (more on this later), I reckon the cats were just introducing themselves to this other cat called Deuteronomy. I knew him, Grizabella, and the other cat named Gus. The names of the rest of the cats, I couldn't make out. Or I just wasn't interested. Hmmm.

Can you see the ket?

I guess CATS would be fantastic if you're a fan of dance. Most of the actors are foreigners. They have long legs and can leap very high, to put it simply. Haha But if you once fell asleep in a PBT showing of The Nutcracker, CATS-is-not-for-you.

If you still choose to watch this musical (because how many world-class Broadway plays run in this country right?) please take note of the following:

1. Get the most expensive seats that you can morally buy. We were seated at the balcony, which was too far. We had to use these paper binoculars. Cool by the way, but still very inconvenient -

Plus, my view of the stage was framed by people's heads and shoulders. To the CCP management, Pao recommends that you install seatbelts like those in the Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom in your balcony seats. This way, no one leans forward more than he ought to. That's just not fair!

2. If you're not a fan, for the love of all things Holy, read up on CATS before watching it so you don't end up clueless like we did. I could have just read the synopsis from Wikipedia (Click here) but I didn't. Too bad.

It's okay Andrew. You're still good in my book. Give me five! 

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ProP 8.3 - Like a balloon

Proud Parent Update - I am getting a little sentimental looking at "old" photos of Malachi.

@ 5 days

@ 3 weeks

@ 1 month and 5 days

@ 4 months and 6 days

@ 4 months and 10 days

Versus Malik's hands, feet and ear(s) this week -

Sooo fast! Nooooh!

Every nation, tribe and race

So over the weekend, Pao and I attended the EN2010 conference at the SMX Convention Center. The 19-year old me could not have guessed that I would be attending a worship conference ten years down the road. In fact, the more I think about it, she'll probably roll on the floor laughing at the thought of me being a Christian. How very unlikely. Haha The older me, however, is sure glad I went (even though her face is oily) -

Pao was there too. He was more attentive than me.

This is my conference I.D. Pao said my smiling face looked like an umlaut so I drew a tongue, for avoidance of doubt. :p

It was a time of powerful prayer and worship. There were 18,000 people in attendance from over 40 nations all over the world, possibly even other planets! Teehee

Pastors and believers of every color preached the Gospel and testified on God's goodness in their lives.

Pastor Rice Broocks (U.S.A/Philippines)

Pastor Grace Aiyedogbon (Nigeria)

My brother Efren. Sup.

There were just sooo many people. We had to spend hours in traffic just to go to the Mall of Asia, and again so many minutes falling in line just to get into the Convention Center.

Box office hit!

Also became part of a new Guiness World Record for "The most languages performed in a song by multiple singers." We sang Amazing Grace -

... in these languages -

Coolness. What I took home from the 3-day event is a renewed desire to get to know God. You know, so many Christians all over the world are risking their lives to preach the Gospel - something we can do freely (and loudly) in the Philippines. We should consider ourselves blessed and realize that the freedom that we have was given us for a purpose - 

I'm so excited for the next Every Nation World Conference. We hope Malik will be old enough by then to come with us. Yahoo.

(Some photos from here.)

Monday, July 26, 2010

ProP 8.2 - From the Philippines with Love

Proud Parent Update - My mom apparently stalks Malik through the videos that I upload on YouTube. I'm uploading these videos to make up for not calling her more often. Hi Mom.

Here is Malik eating mashed papaya with rice cereal. I'm thankful that Malik likes to eat. Really, it doesn't take  much to feed him. He used to not like potato and it's sweet cousin, the kamote. But now Malik will most likely eat anything. Sometimes, we just get what we have off the table like tinola or beef nilaga and strain/mash it for Malik.

Notice how Malik likes to feed himself here, and gets angry when I take too long to spoon food into his mouth. Although now that I've watched it a couple of times, I'm beginning to suspect that he's not so much into the food as he is into chewing on his spoon. Haha

The next video is of Malik gaining small motor skills. This is powerful once you realize we all started as babies. Even the most agile of us were once unable to walk. We were just wired by God to learn and improve over time. He is the coolest maker ever.

ProP 8.1 - My very own Edward

Proud Parent Update - The photos in the next posts were taken within the last month. Malik turned 8 months old yesterday, so technically these should form part of the ProP7.xx series. I haven't made up a rule for cases such as these yet. I think no one cares so much so excuse  me if I don't bother with the rules anymore. Heehee
Anyway, nearing the end of his 7th month, Malik's teeth have become more pronounced. Notice his two front teeth in the photo below. Beware. Two more of those villanous weapons line his lower gums.

The teethers that we've bought for Malik are useless. He'd much rather chew on the following (in no particular order):

1. His fists, which I understand can be very convenient. I belong to the "let-him-chew-on-his-body parts" school of thought. I think I shouldn't deprive Malik of the pleasure of sucking on something at his age. He'll outgrow the act when he's ready, so leave him alone! Rawr!

2. His thumb, which can be beneficial for both Malik and myself, because I like to smell his hands when they've gone all sour. Haha


3. The rail of his crib, which has gotten so soiled in the last 8 months. Eeek. We remedy the situation (and the possible case of diarrhea) by placing a diaper in front of Malik like so...

4. His silicone spoon, although this one I discourage because he might confuse eating with play time. But while we're doing this for blogging's sake, doesn't he look so happy? Awww.

5. And finally, my arm! This can be cute when you're not the recipient of Malik's wrath. But when you're in the receiving end, Malik's teeth can hurt like a witch. Malik bit me over the weekend. Three days later, that same spot has gone all black and blue.

We went ahead and bought Xylogel for those times when Malik's so bothered by his teething that he cannot sleep or wakes up from his sleep. Xylogel works. I strongly suggest you use it if you're still teething. :p

I also got Malik these organic teething biscuits from Healthy Options.

They're still lying inside our cupboard. I am evaluating whether I should give these to Malik now or when he's a little older. Malik hasn't had anything sweet fed to him so far (or at least none to my knowledge) and I'm afraid these vanilla-flavored biscuits may defeat the purpose of holding off on sweets for this long.

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