Tuesday, July 13, 2010

50s Love

I am in love, love, love with 50s fashion. Here are group photos taken during the 50s that I so lovingly "borrowed" from different sources on the Internet. The ladies all look lovely. Can you imagine how dainty these outfits will look on smaller-built Asians? Ah.

In the last photo, I'd wear that floral skirt with that crisp white blouse anytime. She's so beautiful. *sigh*

After some Googling, I realize most of the things that I love off the runway now are re-inventions of 50s fashion. Did you know these trends first saw the light of day in the 50s?

Swing skirt, dresses with broad/peter pan collars, and the pencil skirt. Powerful.

Blouses from the 50s, clockwise from left: puff sleeves, shawl collar, monogrammed gingham blouse with rolled sleeves, and very feminine sleeveless tops.

For lounging around: capris, high-waisted shorts, and nice structured collar on a striped blouse

Shoes of the 50s: saddle shoes, flats usually worn with socks (more on this later), and stilletos!

(Photos of clothes from Fashion of the Fifties)

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