Friday, July 2, 2010

B-byahe na

I've heard this song by Noel Cabangon a dozen times - at a rally, the inauguration (below), even at a friend's wedding! I never get tired of listening to it. The message is simple: Be the change you want to see in this country. Yikee.

Speaking of Noel Cabangon, may I recommend his latest album Byahe?

I got one for Pao on Father's Day and it's been our constant driving companion ever since.

Malik: "I will listen to this CD later. Hee hee hee"

The tracks are mostly covers, but they're covers of classic OPM songs like Ipagpatawad Mo (originally by VST and Co.), Kahit Maputi Na ang Buhok Ko (originally by Ate Shawie), and Tuloy Pa Rin (originally by the Neocolors?! Remember them?). The complete list of tracks is here.

Gaz. I feel so "mature" already, recognizing all these songs from as far back as the 70s. Mostly though, I'd like everyone to buy this album so that Noel Cabangon shoots up in the music charts. He's such a talented yet underrated artist. It's about time he shares the limelight with who we consider to be hitmakers in these parts of the world. Like say, Piolo Pascual. Ack.

Byahe! Available in record stores and (apparently) on iTunes now!


  1. I love Noel Cabangon! One of my favorite Filipino artists talaga. Super happy ako when he agreed to play during our wedding - at NGO price pa binigay nya sa amin! (hehe)

    He was the one who convinced me to vote for Noy. I expressed my doubt kasi in Noynoy's decision-making abilities and he told me na when he was campaigning with Noy, si Noy was the one calling all the shots. He was in charge.

    I think kumikita naman si Noel through his music. Mga anak nyan Ateneo nag-aaral eh. =)

  2. @karen - I first heard this song at YOUR wedding! (Or am I just imagining things?!) Anyway, I think Noel Cabangon is on his way to super stardom because he already has an endorsement. Ampalaya capsule nga lang, but it's a start. Wahaha

  3. Yung song na "Ako Ay Mabuting Pilipino"? Nope, he didn't play that. He played mga covers, plus an original love song. My mom requested Kanlungan so that was his last song. =)


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