Thursday, July 22, 2010

Denial Queens

Some genius carved "NAIA" on our dining table. Ate Bear and AizaS (let's call our other kasambahay this) both deny it was them. Hmmmm.

It's settled then. Our 7-month old baby, who can barely crawl, must have done it.



  1. Oh my goodness. I think sometimes they realize too late that what's ok to do outside (that is, in their homes) is not okay inside (in your house). Haaay.

    Curious lang. How does the hubby react to all these domestic issues? :)

  2. @yen - Pao actually saw it first! I was the one who went ballistic though. He lets me be when I get mad about these things. Not his territory.

    Argh. Just thinking about it makes me mad again. Ano ang kusina namin, canteen?!!!! *#&$*@! Kaines.


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