Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Every nation, tribe and race

So over the weekend, Pao and I attended the EN2010 conference at the SMX Convention Center. The 19-year old me could not have guessed that I would be attending a worship conference ten years down the road. In fact, the more I think about it, she'll probably roll on the floor laughing at the thought of me being a Christian. How very unlikely. Haha The older me, however, is sure glad I went (even though her face is oily) -

Pao was there too. He was more attentive than me.

This is my conference I.D. Pao said my smiling face looked like an umlaut so I drew a tongue, for avoidance of doubt. :p

It was a time of powerful prayer and worship. There were 18,000 people in attendance from over 40 nations all over the world, possibly even other planets! Teehee

Pastors and believers of every color preached the Gospel and testified on God's goodness in their lives.

Pastor Rice Broocks (U.S.A/Philippines)

Pastor Grace Aiyedogbon (Nigeria)

My brother Efren. Sup.

There were just sooo many people. We had to spend hours in traffic just to go to the Mall of Asia, and again so many minutes falling in line just to get into the Convention Center.

Box office hit!

Also became part of a new Guiness World Record for "The most languages performed in a song by multiple singers." We sang Amazing Grace -

... in these languages -

Coolness. What I took home from the 3-day event is a renewed desire to get to know God. You know, so many Christians all over the world are risking their lives to preach the Gospel - something we can do freely (and loudly) in the Philippines. We should consider ourselves blessed and realize that the freedom that we have was given us for a purpose - 

I'm so excited for the next Every Nation World Conference. We hope Malik will be old enough by then to come with us. Yahoo.

(Some photos from here.)

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