Monday, July 5, 2010

For posterity

I just realized, I love the 50s. Clothes were more feminine and romantic (More on this later), moms did not have Board meetings or trust agreements to worry about and so they had all the time to raise their kids all by themselves. Life was so much simpler, air quality was better, and the ozone layer was still intact.

The negatives* of these photos were found in an antique store in 2009. The lady looks so "together" doesn't she?

I wonder. If someone stumbles across this blog 60 years from now, will that someone have the same impression of me? Hmm.

Me and a 7-month old Malik in Kuya Gabby's room. June 27, 2010.
(Photos from here.)

* To the person reading this blog 60 years from now, once upon a time we used rolls of film wound around a camera to take pictures. These "films" were "developed" into prints. :)


  1. How about you stumbling across yourself years from now? At , you could send yourself an email from the past (or is it to the future)? Anyway, I've been thinking of doing it, but can't bring myself to. Haha. What do I tell the 50 year old me!?! Haha!

    Reading back your blog should be a blast! :-)

  2. @yen - Do you watch How I Met Your Mother? Marshall writes letters to future Marshall! Maybe I'll try that one of these days...


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