Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Here we go again...

...with the Gingersnaps posts. You see, one of the differences between raising baby boys and girls is that parents of baby boys like us don't have too many options when it comes to dressing our kids. There are pants, shorts, and t-shirts, but that's about it. The only decisions that we're made to make are whether or not the t-shirts will come with sleeves or without, with collars or without, and in what muted color, i.e. blue, black, or white.

Footwear-wise, Malik only has one pair of baby Chucks.*

Boys also don't need hair clips, bows, or headbands. In fact, as you can see, Malik has very little hair to begin with. Haha

To make up for the lack of variety, we have to pick out statement shirts like those from, where else, Gingersnaps! Here are some photos of Malik mowdeling our favorite baby apparel brand (shown here with his usual entourage, namely Pao or myself. Teehee) -

Malik: "'Sup?"

And here are some more photos of Gingersnaps shirts that I'd like to snag -

Looks like a Memo shirt to me.

Zanjoe Marudo, is that you?

Frogs and snails and puppy-dogs' tails. That's what little boys are made of.

Of course, Malik doesn't really need too many clothes. We actually go out for "public appearances" only on weekends. Most of the time he just wears what the salesladies in my favorite Department Store call "air-cool" sandos. 

So for those times when we do get to show off our poging poging son, I like for him to look japorms but comfortable. I've said it here and here and I'll say it again, Gingersnaps infant t-shirts are made of the softest vintage-y fabric.

I'm getting this one for Malik's 8th month birthday -

Bagay! Rawrrr!

* Thanks Lolo Amang, Lolo Lilia and Auntie Me-Ann for Malik's Converse Chuck Taylors! :)


  1. Hay I agree--very limited clothing choices for boys.

    Like you, I dig the japorms look for the Haligilet. I never really liked cartoon characters nor mascots on his tops. I prefer making him look like a "little man", purchasing statement shirts from Gingersnaps or David and Goliath, graphic tees from googoo & gaga and the usual collared stuff from Spin, RL or export overruns. And yes, my son had (and still has) those air-cool sandos which I call his tindero-sa-binondo look. Hahaha!

    Sayang, these sites weren't up yet when my son was still a baby/toddler:


    Would've probably burned a hole in my pocket buying from them too.

  2. @maver - I love oggling at clothes from David and Goliath and googoo&gaga! Pero oggling lang, because they're so darn expensive. Kids grow up so fast, parang sayang lang kung sobrang mahal ang gamit. ;p


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