Friday, July 16, 2010


[I know. My obsession with 50s fashion should end in a bit. In the meantime, please humour me...]

* * *

I was inspired by this drawing of a woman from the 50s. Folded sleeves are my go-to office wear but the gingham print adds a vintage twist to it.

It turns out, a store (called "be") in the Markati Palazzo at the Podium had a host of gingham/checkered button-downs on sale. I sort of got carried away and came home with these, plus some -

Oops. Excuse me, bata.

In furnace, Podium was on mid-season sale last week so these shirts were sold at 50% off. Today, I wore the shirt in the first photo tucked in jeans. As I was walking along the corrridor, happily minding my own business, a boss at the office said, and I quote "Ang ganda naman ng blouse mo. Parang 50s no?"



  1. The boss reads your blog!! :D Haha!

  2. @Yen - Must not rant about office work then. Oh no! Haha


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