Wednesday, July 28, 2010


First let me qualify that this is written by someone who neither Googled "CATS" nor watched videos of it on YouTube before watching the musical in real life. I think these are excellent excuses for when you find what I am about to write too...uhm...ignorant.

Okay. So what do I think about CATS (the one that's running at the CCP and not the annoying one that's been living in our plant box)? In so many words - I didn't like it. I dozed off. Many times. One of which was when Lea Salonga was singing Memory. I know. I should be ashamed of myself. But I really really struggled. Unfortunately, my body can only handle so much. It was just soooo boring. Nyii.

After much thought, I think my inability to appreciate CATS is due to the fact that I am the type of person who puts a premium on story-telling. For instance, I liked say, Fiddler on the Roof, because it told an interesting story about family, young love, and racial/social discrimination. On the other hand, CATS is about, well, cats, who obviously do not talk much but just like to dance.

From the very little that I can see from where I was seated (more on this later), I reckon the cats were just introducing themselves to this other cat called Deuteronomy. I knew him, Grizabella, and the other cat named Gus. The names of the rest of the cats, I couldn't make out. Or I just wasn't interested. Hmmm.

Can you see the ket?

I guess CATS would be fantastic if you're a fan of dance. Most of the actors are foreigners. They have long legs and can leap very high, to put it simply. Haha But if you once fell asleep in a PBT showing of The Nutcracker, CATS-is-not-for-you.

If you still choose to watch this musical (because how many world-class Broadway plays run in this country right?) please take note of the following:

1. Get the most expensive seats that you can morally buy. We were seated at the balcony, which was too far. We had to use these paper binoculars. Cool by the way, but still very inconvenient -

Plus, my view of the stage was framed by people's heads and shoulders. To the CCP management, Pao recommends that you install seatbelts like those in the Rialto in Enchanted Kingdom in your balcony seats. This way, no one leans forward more than he ought to. That's just not fair!

2. If you're not a fan, for the love of all things Holy, read up on CATS before watching it so you don't end up clueless like we did. I could have just read the synopsis from Wikipedia (Click here) but I didn't. Too bad.

It's okay Andrew. You're still good in my book. Give me five! 


  1. Hindi na tuloy ako excited! Actually, you're not the first person who didn't like Cats.

    Imagine eto mga pusa. Pano pa kaya yung Starlight Express, aka Cats in Train form? Sobrang boring siguro non!

    Really wish they'd stage Wicked here. You would love that one, I swear. And sana foreign cast rin...I watched West Side story with the local cast and ang pangit talaga. Even Hairspray na local, sobrang disappointing. Generally, I'm not fond of actors who are not traditionally theater actors doing musicals. Mas magaganda pa yung musicals and shows ng Repertory kasi theater actors lahat sila.

  2. @mel! I completely agree. Theater and TV should be mutually exclusive (with some exceptions like Pen Medina). Tignan mo si KC Concepcion. She's such a bad actor on TV and the movies, but I think if she brings that Ka-O.A.-an to the theater, she'll do fine. Not sure about her singing though. Hurts my ears.


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