Friday, July 16, 2010

Malik The Social Butterfly

Weekends used to be about going to the mall, buying new clothes, loitering at coffee shops, watching movies, eating at restaurants, and such and such. The operative words here are "used to," because now, weekends consist of attending kids' birthday parties! Uh-huh.

This species of socializing is new to me, but I'm enjoying every bit of it. Kids, when they're not screaming or throwing tantrums, can be entertaining. It's like I'm watching Animal Planet, only the lions are toddlers and the great African plains are slides and jungle gyms. Wahaha

We attended two birthday parties this month, and Malik isn't even a year old yet!

First off was Mae's 1st birthday party two weeks ago. Mae is the daughter of Pao's cousin Kuya Francis. I personally think the highlight of the day was Captain Shakey's dance number with Lola Au. Anyway, there weren't too many babies around, so Mae and Malik the sidekick were really the stars of the afternoon.

Mae the birthday girl, daddy Francis, Pao and Malachi

"Daddy, this is embarrassing. Ugh."

"I will get you! Ha-yah!"

"This is more like it. We got the funk! Oh, yeah."

"Mommy, please! No smooching in public!"

"I'm here! Let's par-teeeeh!"

Last Saturday, we went to Carissa's 8th birthday bash. Carissa is the daughter of our friends from Victory, Dave and Tess. This birthday was especially interesting because Carissa won the entire thing by joining Cartoon Network's birthday bash! Cool-ness. There was popcorn, a magic show, fun games for the kids, which came with exciting prizes, all courtesy of Cartoon Network. Unbelieve-baboy!

To join, the birthday boy/girl only has to register at the Cartoon Network website or send an SMS to "4627". I haven't read the contest details yet, but they're here in case you're interested. Pao joined the contest on behalf of Malik, who will be turning one in about five months. I don't think this is valid though, because you have to be under 18 to join. Pao, You were 18 one decade ago!

Carissa the birthday girl

The Boys

The squeeze

"This is comfortable. I like her. We should keep her, Mommy."

Sorry, anak. Couldn't resist taking your photo in this cardboard cut-out. You're so cute. Haha

For Carissa's birthday, Malik wore his "Punisher" t-shirt from Gingersnaps.

Enough partying. Time to recharge.

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