Friday, July 30, 2010

The Nibbler

The objective of the Nuby Nibbler is to allow babies to transition to whole foods without the risk of choking. This seemed brilliant on paper, so we got one for Malik and another for cousin Mae. For this trial run, we got Malik to try the Nibbler with diced melon (honeydew) inside. The verdict: Not too crazy about it.

Since Malik likes to put things into his mouth, learning to maneuver the Nibbler was a breeze. However, the melon slices (and the entire net) turned out to be too big for him. Malik ended up just sucking on the net, which defeats the purpose of introducing soft solids and obviously gives zero nutritional value.

Mommy: "Here Malik. Try this."

"Ah, what is this contraption?"

"It looks like I should put this in my mouth. Hmmm. "

Daddy: "Here, let me help you."

All net. No basket.

"This is fun Mommy. Can I just play with it?"

We actually recorded Malik's product test on video. Here, watch this -

Note that Malik was 7 months old when he tried the Nibbler. Maybe if your child is older, it'll work better. For now though, the Nibbler is just parked in Malik's dish dryer.


  1. I got Gabby something similar last year... didn't work too. He got frustrated because he got too little of the fruit inside, juice lang nakukuha nya.

  2. @CHi! Buti nga may juice pa. Malik's not getting anything. He's just sucking on the net. Haha Maybe we should write reviews about these things, para hindi na makabiktima ng iba pang first-time parents who are just too eager to buy things for their kids! We're too gullible! ;p

  3. I agree. This was one of the things I got for Marion early on. One of those really really good ideas but just doesn't work. I recently had Marion try it. She was absolutely not interested in it. I even squeezed out some of the camote from the net so she'd figure out that there was food inside. Wala talaga.

    But it looks like Malik just needs to get the hang of it. Keep trying?

    Hmmm. Maybe I should keep trying to let Marion use this. (I've tried twice lang before I gave up on it.) :D

  4. Dapat yata punong-puno yung laman so that the food inside will ooze out. There should be some sort of knob or something which will squeeze it all out. Gabby got as in a few drops of juice lang, I didn't want him sucking on the net naman so I discontinued.

    I agree, we are sort of gullible when it comes to these things; but I guess it's all trial-and-error at some point kasi :)


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