Friday, July 9, 2010

Of Gifts - Part I

This is Sam Rainsy. He was Minister of Finance of Cambodia. He went into self-exile in 2005 and returned to Cambodia the following year. Now he is Member of Parliament and is the leader of the opposition. Read more about him here.

This is Sam Rainsy's wife, Saumura Tioulong. She is a mother of three and is also a Member of Parliament.

The other day, Malik received a gift from Saumura -

- and they're Gingersnaps too! Malik approves -

"Wow! What is this, Mommy?"

"Yey, Gingersnaps! We love Gingersnaps!"

"These shirts are too cute!"

"And they taste good too! Yum-yum!"

"Here, take my picture. *smiles*"


Thank you so much Saumura! Little Paolo looks so good in his new hooded jacket -

(Photos from: James Dewar)

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