Friday, July 23, 2010

Oooh Ahhhh

Looks like I'm not the only one madly in love with the 50s. Check out Marion Cotillard in Dior on the July 2010 issue of U.S. Vogue. Dreamy.

I love her hair. I want to smell it and twirl it around my finger. ;p

(Scan credits: justjared )


  1. Because you suggested it, I just smelled my Marion's hair. ;-)

    Shucks, you're very convincing. Now I wanna dress up like this, too. Maybe we can organize a play date for the babies na 50's themed. ;p

  2. Did you watch Inception? Time Magazine's review of that film said that there has to be a new Oscar category for best Hair, and that it should be awarded to Marion Cotillard, hands down.

    (Re Inception: if you haven't seen it, go go go! Amazing!)

  3. @yen - Yen! That's a great idea for Malik's birthday party! May I appropriate it?! I'm jumping up and down in excitement! Haha I should consult with the husband first, although it would be fun to put a moustache on Malik ala Clark Gable. Haha

  4. @melvel - Mel! I wanted to watch Inception but Grace said her nose bled. Haha

  5. Don't listen to Grace, Gladi. Inception is beyond amazing!

  6. Gladi!!! May 50s addiction din ako pero di pa ako nakapagcomment kasi masyadong effort ang comment system ng blogger (yes, ganun ako katamad).go sa 50s party.gusto ko mga buhok nila, sunglasses, and skirts!

  7. haha gladi when i said nakakanose bleed ang inception i meant its a smart movie. somewhat too smart. but it really is good. go watch it with pao! but i suggest only pag well-rested ang brain mo coz girl, kelangan mo mag-isip while watching. im going to watch it again tomorrow with cgel and golds actually. :)

  8. dear friends and countrymen, i haven't watched inception yet because i think the movies are for mindless relaxation. but if it's really that good, i may have to reconsider. will think about this some more. hmmmm.


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