Tuesday, July 6, 2010

ProP 7.1 - Pulling Up

Proud Parent Update - Malik is turning into an active little boy fast. As seen here,* Malik enjoys standing as much as Pao enjoys pulling him up from lying position.

Unfortunately, Malik has learned to use the rails of his crib to accommodate this new hobby. Naman, anak.

This is dangerous, obviously. So we took out the bassinet from the playpen. Now Malik stays INside his crib, where he is supposed to stay. Say hellow, Malachi.

We did receive puzzle mats as dedication gifts. However, those have been set aside for when Malik is a little more mobile.  He's not really into crawling yet. In the meantime, during the day, Ate Bear brings out their king-sized foldable matress into the living room to allow Malik to "crawl" freely. This is safe for the time being so I am okay with it.

Soon, we may have to fill an entire room with mattresses, like what my sister Gene did for her kids.

* I have been informed that Pao already posted this video on his Facebook account against my express instructions. Let the record state, your Honors, that I was the one who took this video and patiently uploaded it on YouTube with the specific intention of using it for this blog. Pao, with evident pre-meditation, deceit, and treachery, shared the video. Argh! I have adopted measures so that this incident will not happen again in the future. I have means of knowing, Pao. I'm watching you. *evil eyes*

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