Sunday, July 11, 2010

ProP 7.5 - The Crawl

Proud Parent Update - I just blogged about Malik being able to do The Worm, now he surprises us with the actual Crawl. He did it yesterday, at Lola Chelle's house while cousin Mae was practicing her Walk. Sorry to disappoint though, as I won't be able to post videos of The Crawl just yet. Maybe during the workweek, when I will have access to faster servers *wink*.

Anyway, today we brought out some of the puzzle mats so Malik can practice his Crawl. This is interesting, because alone on the mat, Malik can't seem to get his groove on. He crawls on his toes, like he's doing push-ups -


- which I reckon can be quite frustrating. In this cross between a walk and The Crawl, Malik just sways back and forth on all fours. He doesn't move forward at all. Haha Maybe Malik needs people around so he can show-off.  Artista!

Oh well. It's okay, honey. We'll practice some more.


  1. @yen - Of course! Remember, Malik is mucho macho! Haha


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