Monday, July 12, 2010

ProP 7.6 - Nerner

Proud Parent Update - We better be prepared for all of these updates! They're coming along pretty quick. Baby boy won't stop surprising us at every turn!

We were hanging out with Malik in our room last Saturday, when Malik said his first word - Nerner.

He says this a lot, only we're all not sure what/who/where he's referring to. For all we know, Nerner may mean -

A) Narwin - also known as "Nar," who is FNF's resident visual communications genius and web developer.

B) Ragner - firstborn to Pao's friends Dondon and Mayec Vergara. Actually, if you watch the video again, you'll hear Malik say "Ragner" at 1:26s. Really!

C) or (this is a long-shot) Noynoy - President of the Republic, whose photo is on top of our stairs and is probably the last "third party" Malik sees before he calls it a day. 

What do you think? 


  1. I love it!! I think he's just as amazed at the sounds he's making, enjoy sya listening to himself also. :D

  2. For the record, last Saturday Malik said "Mama." Promise. Even Pao heard it!

  3. nerner exists!

  4. @tontoronton - Wahaha! Thanks for that! I think that requires a separate blog entry! I'm such a nerner. Haha


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