Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ProP 7.7 - The Hulk

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Proud Parent Update - I have no idea how parents teach tricks to their babies. So far, the only tricks that Malik can do are made-up tricks. They're not made up in the sense that they're imaginary! I mean, these things come naturally to Malik. We just find a baby trick that most closely approximates his skill, and market it to our friends and relatives as an actual trick. Sneaky. 

For instance, when Malik began opening and closing his fists whenever we held his wrists, we called it the "Close Open". This month, I think we're seeing yet another trick, which we choose to call "The Hulk." This makes good practice for that common  baby trick called "Gigil" although I personally find "The Hulk" more endearing. Watch.


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