Monday, July 26, 2010

ProP 8.1 - My very own Edward

Proud Parent Update - The photos in the next posts were taken within the last month. Malik turned 8 months old yesterday, so technically these should form part of the ProP7.xx series. I haven't made up a rule for cases such as these yet. I think no one cares so much so excuse  me if I don't bother with the rules anymore. Heehee
Anyway, nearing the end of his 7th month, Malik's teeth have become more pronounced. Notice his two front teeth in the photo below. Beware. Two more of those villanous weapons line his lower gums.

The teethers that we've bought for Malik are useless. He'd much rather chew on the following (in no particular order):

1. His fists, which I understand can be very convenient. I belong to the "let-him-chew-on-his-body parts" school of thought. I think I shouldn't deprive Malik of the pleasure of sucking on something at his age. He'll outgrow the act when he's ready, so leave him alone! Rawr!

2. His thumb, which can be beneficial for both Malik and myself, because I like to smell his hands when they've gone all sour. Haha


3. The rail of his crib, which has gotten so soiled in the last 8 months. Eeek. We remedy the situation (and the possible case of diarrhea) by placing a diaper in front of Malik like so...

4. His silicone spoon, although this one I discourage because he might confuse eating with play time. But while we're doing this for blogging's sake, doesn't he look so happy? Awww.

5. And finally, my arm! This can be cute when you're not the recipient of Malik's wrath. But when you're in the receiving end, Malik's teeth can hurt like a witch. Malik bit me over the weekend. Three days later, that same spot has gone all black and blue.

We went ahead and bought Xylogel for those times when Malik's so bothered by his teething that he cannot sleep or wakes up from his sleep. Xylogel works. I strongly suggest you use it if you're still teething. :p

I also got Malik these organic teething biscuits from Healthy Options.

They're still lying inside our cupboard. I am evaluating whether I should give these to Malik now or when he's a little older. Malik hasn't had anything sweet fed to him so far (or at least none to my knowledge) and I'm afraid these vanilla-flavored biscuits may defeat the purpose of holding off on sweets for this long.

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