Monday, July 26, 2010

ProP 8.2 - From the Philippines with Love

Proud Parent Update - My mom apparently stalks Malik through the videos that I upload on YouTube. I'm uploading these videos to make up for not calling her more often. Hi Mom.

Here is Malik eating mashed papaya with rice cereal. I'm thankful that Malik likes to eat. Really, it doesn't take  much to feed him. He used to not like potato and it's sweet cousin, the kamote. But now Malik will most likely eat anything. Sometimes, we just get what we have off the table like tinola or beef nilaga and strain/mash it for Malik.

Notice how Malik likes to feed himself here, and gets angry when I take too long to spoon food into his mouth. Although now that I've watched it a couple of times, I'm beginning to suspect that he's not so much into the food as he is into chewing on his spoon. Haha

The next video is of Malik gaining small motor skills. This is powerful once you realize we all started as babies. Even the most agile of us were once unable to walk. We were just wired by God to learn and improve over time. He is the coolest maker ever.

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