Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ProP 8.4 - Get up, stand up

Proud Parent Update - Before events overtake us again, here's a quick round-up of what Malik did when he was 7 months old.

Last month, Malik learned to stand up. He can't of course do it by himself yet. So he needs help from people and things, like me -

Or the couch -

Or again the rails of his crib -

Speaking of his crib, Malik can cruise along its perimeter now. It's really amusing. Last night, Ate Bear and AisaS wanted Malik to go from one end of the crib to another by holding onto the rail. Malik, obviously frustrated at the little progress that he's doing, just crawled to where Ate Bear was. My son talaga. So brilliant. Award.

We bought some sandals for Malik to practice-walk in. He's sill getting used to the idea of wearing something on his feet so he's always trying to take them off -

"Ugh. What are these mommy? They're ruining my groove!"

Also, his hair is getting quite unruly.

From a certain angle, it looks like it's just growing on one side!

Apparently, Malik is no longer punk. He is now emo -
- and sometimes also kawaii. Warharhar


  1. Gladi, ang tawag diyan, emo swoop:

  2. @mel! How do they come up with these names?! "Emo swoop." Syeett. Haha


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