Thursday, July 22, 2010

Run Forest Run

Started running again some weeks back. I decided not to write about it because I did not want to commit. Turns out, I was right.

I did remember how good running felt the first few times I showed up. It all boils down to those minutes after a run where you're all sweaty and running out of breath. Love that. Plus, it appears that the men-who-look-good-from-afar-because-they-are-blurry-versions-of-richard-gomez at the PhilSports arena have multiplied since I last jogged. They like to shout things like "Urggghhh" "Common!" and "Gurgle-gurlge" when they play whats-that-game in the middle of the oval.

Unfortunately I got sick, had things to do at work, wanted to play more with Malik, had to color my hair, et cetera et cetera...that I was forced to skip jogging again. I don't know if I miss running. I kind of like being sedentary. But I'm feeling fat and bloated and sluggish because of it. 

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