Wednesday, July 21, 2010

This week in showbiz: Botox and Instant Popularity

I hope I won't be considered a hater for writing this (although I admittedly sound like one sometimes). May I just point out that -

1. Charice Pempengco got Botox treatments for her appearance in the upcoming season of Glee. The objective of the procedure is to make her "look fresh on camera" and to narrow "her naturally round face" (Click here for details). This was subsequently changed to the objective of "relieving a jaw problem," which we all know to be just a bunch of echos. Echosera.

Hi, I'm Charice. I'm a humble and talented child from a third-world country called the Philippines. Please love me.

Interestingly, a comment on the youtube video posted above reads: "We still love you not because of your face..." To that I say, Word! Although I don't particularly agree with the "love" part, just the "not because of your face" part.

2. Shaina Magdayao is landing more than the usual number of endorsements recently. Previously, I think I've only seen her endorse her sister's parlor (okay, I'll call it 'salon').

Really? Do we call this "art"?

There may be that Garfield endorsement some years back, and the ocassional cupcake/pantyliner endorsement when she was just a tween. But now -

You know how it is in high school when a girl becomes famous simply by becoming friends with the popular crowd. I think the same principle applies in adult life. Date John Lloyd Cruz = instant celebrity status. Drat.


  1. didn't you notice na lahat ng naging jowa ni john pratts ay naglevel up? Heart had Jericho, Shaina moved on to JLC. so alllasengga ladies, jowain na si john pratts! lol!

  2. @maver - I was wondering what "allasengga" meant. I got it after 10 minutes! Haha


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