Monday, July 19, 2010


{Just random rantings for my personal reference. Walk away if you're not me.} I woke up at midnight today to a really bad stomach. You can imagine how horrible the feeling must be because I've never had to go to the bathroom so badly that I am made to rise from deep slumber (Have you?). It must be that pasta that we ate at that pizza place. However, I shared the stuff with one of our helpers at home, so I am wondering why I was (still am) the only one affected by the apparently bad food. I was considering asking Pao to take me to the hospital already. I feared a possible case of food poisoning. Fortunately, with the aid of that scientific invention called Loperamide, I was able to sleep it off. I am still feeling feverish, dehydrated, and am suffering from a terrible case of the headaches. Yet, I am at work. Ugh.

Speaking of work, Ate Bear went on her usual day off last Saturday but she still hasn't returned. We had to leave Malik with Lolo Doc, who is so graciously spending most of the day at our house (Thank God for grandparents!). I may have to have a talk with Ate Bear later. Maybe when my urge to assume the fetal position and rock myself back and forth, disappears.

On a totally unrelated note, I bought pre-marinated spicy chicken wings yesterday. I am severely addicted to the buffalo wings from Buffalo's Wings N' Things but admit that those are overpriced. Kailangan magtipid, so I can't just hop on over to Buffalo's whenever a craving presents itself. Unfortunately, our help (the one who shared the pasta with me) cooked my spicy chicken wings in chicken broth for lunch today. Now we are left with spicy nilagang manok na puro balat. Ugh. 

(Cartoon credits: natalie dee)

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